2019 ToS: House Rules

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2019 ToS: House Rules

Postby Nanook » 27 Dec 2018, 15:18

Deadlines will be every Monday and Thursday at 6pm EST/11pm BST. Adjudication will be as close to deadline as possible. Spring, Fall, and Winter turns will observe the Monday/Thursday schedule, and will never be processed more than 2 hours early. Retreats will be due 24 hours from the time of the map being posted in discord. Retreats will be handled as soon as they're received.

I will attempt to send out a reminder roughly 24 hours before the deadline, as well as the morning of. This is NOT guaranteed. I expect you to be able to submit orders in a timely fashion.

If a movement turn is NMRed, all units will hold.

If a build turn is NMRed, no units will be built. If you have disbands, they will be adjudicated using the standard, distance from closest home SC (if no home SC is owned, it will be distance from closest owned SC) > pieces in non-SC territories before pieces in SC's > fleets before armies > alphabetical.

If a retreat is NMRed, it gets freaky. I will retreat your unit for you using the following priorities:

    1. Retreat to a province with another player’s SC.
    2. Retreat to a province with player’s own SC.
    3. Retreat to a water/hybrid space (fleets only).
    4. Retreat to a land/canal/hybrid space with no SC.

If more than option is available within the top priority, I will retreat the piece alphabetically within the priority. I will not give consideration to if another retreating unit, including your own, can retreat there. If you NMR your retreat, you will have to live with the auto-retreat.

Extensions and Delays
I will, at my discretion, allow for small extensions and delays. Please ask me for them as soon as possible. Due to this being a team tournament, my expectation is that most absences that would need an extension will be handled via your partner stepping in for you. Note that I will only extend movement and build turns, not retreats.

I reserve the right to amend the adjudication schedule to better accommodate my own personal schedule better at my discretion.

I may adjust the schedule following a delay or an extension to ensure enough time to negotiate (for example, a 24 hour delay on a Monday Spring deadline may result in the Fall deadline being pushed to Friday). In extreme cases, I may decide to skip a deadline altogether (for example, skipping a Thursday adjudication and running it the following Monday instead).

All delays, extensions, and schedule adjustments are at my discretion based on what I deem will keep the tournament running smoothest. If you need an extension, the sooner you request it the more likely you are to receive it.

Mistakes in Adjudication
If a mistake in adjudication is made and caught before the following movement or build turn is adjudicated, it will be corrected and an extension may be offered depending on the timing of the correction. The exception to this is if too many builds are allowed--in that case, the player who was allowed to build too many units will have to move to the correct number the following winter (if they don't gain an SC, they will have to disband one, if they gain an SC, they won't have a build, etc.).

Mistakes in Orders
If you make what appears to be a mistake in your orders, I may contact you to clarify. However, I do this as a courtesy. Any mistakes not caught (or not corrected) by adjudication will stand.

For maps with regions that have split coastlines, I encourage you to always list the applicable coastline in your orders. If only one coast would ever be valid, I will fill that in when transcribing your orders. However, if the coastline actually matters, I expect you to provide it by adjudication time. I will likely attempt to contact the submitting player to clarify, but I am under no obligation to do so.

Because these maps are not familiar to everyone, I am going to try to be especially lenient when it comes to mistakes, but ultimately, if I can't figure out what your orders are, or they're just plain illegal, I can't do much about that. While early orders submission is not a guarantee that I will catch your mistakes, an error is far more likely to be caught 1-2 days before adjudication rather than 5 minutes before.

In general, the best policy is to submit orders early and then check back in periodically before the deadline to see whether I have any questions or have noticed any mistakes.

There will be a map pinned in the "maps" channel for each game with no pieces on it, to make reading territory names easier.

General Miscellany

The GM reserves the right to shorten round 3 to 6 game years and/or Round 4 to 6 or 7 game years if he feels it is necessary. Any shortened cutoff year will be announced before the start of the game.
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