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2019 ToS: Draw Voting

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2018, 14:35
by Nanook
All draws in the ToS are DIAS. If a player wishes to end the game early, they may publicly call for a draw.

Once a draw is called for, players may vote in public or in private. Note that only no public votes will be counted. If you want to accept a draw, you must privately let the GM know, via PM or via your team communication channel. After 24 hours, if nobody has publicly vetoed the draw, the GM will search out private votes.

If the draw has not passed within 24 hours of the GM seeking out private votes (meaning 48 hours from the original proposal), the draw proposal is dead and the game will continue.

Standing public vetoes or private veto or accept votes will be accepted.

Solo concessions are allowed, and will be handled the same as a normal draw vote.

3/12/19: post amended to be clearer. Original text is in the spoiler below.

Draw voting in the 2019 ToS will be handled a bit differently than most online players are used to.

If someone wants to call an end to the game before it's cutoff date, they must publicly propose a draw. Every draw is a Draw Including All Survivors.

If nobody has openly vetoed it within 24 hours, the draw will go to a vote. If the draw does not pass unanimously within 24 hours of going to a vote or the next turn being adjudicated, whichever is sooner, the game will continue on as normal, and the draw proposal will be dead. Games can be drawn at any point following the country selection draft.

Votes must be made in private to the GM in order to be counted. Standing public or private "reject" votes will be accepted as valid. Standing private "accept" votes will also be accepted.

Solo concessions are allowed, and will be handled in the same way that a draw vote is.