WitA 8: 1851 Spring

10 player variant set in North and South America circa 1840, created by Macario Reyes. GMed by NanookTheEskimo.

WitA 8: The Last War

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WitA 8: 1851 Spring

Postby Nanook » 01 Feb 2019, 19:20

One retreat needed, from Spain. That's due by February 2, 6[m EST/11pm BST.

Fall orders are due by February 4, 6pm EST/11pm BST.

1851 Spring Retreats.png
1851 Spring Retreats.png (64.17 KiB) Viewed 492 times

Argentina: UFO Fever (NMRs—0.5)
He gone

Brazil: GhostEcho (NMRs—1)
Ama -> Bol: Bounced
Man -> BGu: Resolved 2v1
MGe S RdJ H: Resolved
RdJ S PBA -> GBA: Resolved

Britain: Don Juan of Austria (NMRs—1)
An ex-Brit

Chile: NoPunIn10Did
HUM – SPO: Resolved 2v1
AGU S HUM – SPO: Resolved
SPO – CGU: Resolved

DRA S SAO H: Resolved
SAO S PBA – GBA: Support cut
PBA – GBA: Resolved

Pot – Tuc: Resolved
CBo S Ben – MGr: Resolved
MGr – Man: Resolved

Par S Man – Bgu: Resolved
Ben – MGr: Resolved
Acr – Ben: Resolved

Colombia: TTBen
Pan support Cali to GoP: Resolved
Mar to Gjr: Resolved

Mexico: bigj0e03
npo-ala: Resolved
vir-atl: Resolved
msp s vir-atl: Resolved
lab-nao: Bounced 1v1
ver-gom: Bounced 1v2
chp-yuc: Resolved
cri-nic: Resolved 3v1
gof s cri-nic: Resolved
hon s cri-nic: Resolved
mpo s gal-h: Resolved
mon-hal: Resolved
nem s mon-hal: Resolved
gal s chg-h: Resolved
chg s gop-h: Support failed
gop s ecu-cali: No corresponding order; Replaced with HOLD: Dislodged 2v3, Disbanded
cpo-spo: Bounced 1v2

Peru: joe92
F Lim – COP: Resolved
F GoG s F Lim – COP: Resolved
F Ecu s F Cal – GoP: Resolved
A Caq – Lor: Resolved
A Cuz s A SCr – Lpa: Resolved
A SCr – Lpa: Resolved

F Hal – MAS: Resolved
F NAO – NEC: Resolved
F Gre – NAO: Bounced 1v1
F Hav S F Yuc – GoM: Resolved
F Yuc – GoM: Resolved 2v1
F Nic (ec) Hold: Dislodged 1v3
F SdC – NCS: Resolved
F PRi – SAR: Resolved
F WCS – GoH: Resolved
F GoU S A Pan to Hold: Resolved
F Cali – GoP: Resolved 3v2
A Crt – Bog: Resolved
A Bog – Ori: Resolved
A Bol – Bgu: Bounced 1v2
A BGu – Dgu: Resolved
F MAO – SAO: Bounced 2v2
F Bah – MAO: Bounced
F CoB S MAO – SAO: Support failed

USA: AardvarkArmy
A - Atl - move – Fla: Resolved

Venezuela: asudevil [NMRs—1]
Dead and gone away
Platinum Classicist
(h/t lordelindel)

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