WitA 8: 1950 Fall

10 player variant set in North and South America circa 1840, created by Macario Reyes. GMed by NanookTheEskimo.

WitA 8: The Last War

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WitA 8: 1950 Fall

Postby Alman » 25 Jan 2019, 06:28

2 retreats; one each from Mexico & Spain. Brazil has an auto disband with no retreat available.
Retreats due 1/25 at 6pm EST/11pm BST
Builds Due TBA (Nanook is taking over again)

1850 build.png
1850 build.png (42.75 KiB) Viewed 495 times

1850_Fall.png (82.19 KiB) Viewed 495 times

Argentina: UFO Fever (NMRs—0.5)
He gone

Brazil: GhostEcho (NMRs—1)
Man S MGr -> Par-resolved
Ama -> Bol-bounced 1x1
Ben -> Ama-bounced dislodged-no retreat-auto disband
PBA -> RdJ-resolved
MGe S PBA -> RdJ-resolved
SPa S PBA -> RdJ-resolved

Britain: Don Juan of Austria (NMRs—1)
The Fleet in Rup holds, painting the land blue. Though, there seems to be a 100 year time lapse, so perhaps my fleet while stuck in the ice....developed long range weaponry of the 1959s? Or just engines? I'm which case is move two spaces into Alaska. -bounced out of Alaska by invisible Mexican forcefield. Hold resolved.

Chile: NoPunIn10Did
SPO S Caj - GoG-support broken CPO
HUM S SPO H-resolved
AGU S SPO H-resolved
DRA - SAO-bounced

Tuc - CBo-resolved
Pot - LPa-bounced 1x1
SCr - Ben-resolved
CBo - MGr-resolved

MGr - Par-resolved
Pal - Uru-resolved
RLP - PBA-resolved
SAO - MAO-bounced 1x2

Acr S SCr - Ben-resolved

Colombia: TTBen
Cali to Pan-resolved
Gjr to Mar-resolved

Mexico: bigj0e03
chg s cali-pan-resolved
cri s cali-pan-resolved
nic s cri-h-dislodged
Nyc-nem-resolved (actually NEn but clear enough)
mon s nyc-nem-resolved
msp s was-vir-support broken by Atl
Cpo-spo-bounced 1x1

Peru: joe92
A Lor - Caq-resovled
F Ecu s F GoG - GoP-resolved
F Caj - GoG-resolved
A LPa - SCr-resolved
A Cuz - LPa-bounced 1x1

F Hal Hold-resolved
F NAO S F LAB - Gre-resolved
F LAB - Gre-resolved
F WCS s F Mos - Nic (ec)-resolved
F Mos - Nic (ec)-resolved
F SoY - Yuc-resolved
F Pan - CRi-bounced 1x1 dislodged
F GoP - Cali-resolved
A Crt S F GoP - Cali-resolved
A Bog S F GoP - Cali-resolved
A Bol S A BGu to Hold-support broken by Ama
A BGu S A Bol to Hold
F CoB - MAO-resolved
F Bah S F CoB - MAO-resolved
F GBA - CoB-resolved

USA: AardvarkArmy
A - Atl - move - Msp-bounced 1x1

Venezuela: asudevil [NMRs—1]
Dead and gone away
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