WitA 8: 1847 Fall

10 player variant set in North and South America circa 1840, created by Macario Reyes. GMed by NanookTheEskimo.

WitA 8: The Last War

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WitA 8: 1847 Fall

Postby Nanook » 18 Dec 2018, 08:34

Retreats due by December 18, 6pm EST/11pm BST.

Winter due by December 20, 6pm EST/11pm BST. Center count will be posted with retreats.

1847 Fall Retreats.png
1847 Fall Retreats.png (62.77 KiB) Viewed 884 times

Argentina: UFO Fever (NMRs—0.5)
He gone

Brazil: GhostEcho (NMRs—1)
Bah S MAO -> CoB: Resolved
MGr -> Spa: Dislodged 1v3
MGe -> RdJ: Bounced 1v1
Man S Bol H: Resolved
Bol S Man H: Resolved

Britain: Don Juan of Austria (NMRs—1)
NAO moves to SAR: Bounced 1v1
Mon supports Halifax to hold: Support cut; Dislodged 1v2
Halifax holds: Resolved

Chile: NoPunIn10Did
COP – Are: Resolved
SPO H: Resolved
CGU S SPO H: Resolved
DRA S SPO H: Resolved
PBA S SPa H: Resolved
CoB – RdJ: Bounced 1v1; Dislodged 1v2

SPa S Pal – MGr: Resolved
Pal – MGr: Resolved 3v1
Asu S Pal – MGr: Resolved
CAu S Asu H: Resolved
Tuc – Ant: Resolved

Colombia: TTBen
Gal support GoG -> SPO: Support failed
Cali support Pan hold: Resolved
Pan support ChG hold: Support cut
GoU -> GoV: Bounced
Crt hold: Resolved

Mexico: bigj0e03
Tor S Gos-Mon: Resolved
gof-chg: Resolved 2v1
mpo S gof-chg: Resolved
com s mpo-h: Resolved
cpo s mpo-h: Resolved
cal-h: Resolved
ore-h: Resolved
hon-nic: Resolved
cri-pan: Bounced
nle-nme: Bounced 1v1
chi-egl: Resolved
mic-chi: Resolved

Peru: joe92
A Ori – Mar: Bounced
A Ama – Lor: Resolved
F ChG s F Gal Hold: Support cut; Dislodged 1v2
F GoG – SPO: Bounced
F Caj – Lim: Resolved
A Pot s A CBo – Tuc: Resolved
A CBo – Tuc: Resolved

F GoS – Mon: Resolved 2v1
F MAS – Hal: Bounced
F MAO – CoB: Resolved 2v1
A SdC – Car: Resolved
F NCS C A SdC – Car: Resolved
F ECS C A SdC – Car: Resolved
F ACH – SAR: Bounced 1v1
F Mos S A CRi – Pan: Support failed
A Mar S A SdC – Car: Support cut
F GoV S A Mar to Hold: Support cut
A Del S F BGu to Hold: Resolved
F MBA – MAO: Resolved
F BGu S A Del to Hold: Resolved

USA: AardvarkArmy
A - SNe - move – Nme: Bounced
A - Was - support - NYC – hold: Resolved
A - NYC - support - Was – hold: Resolved

Venezuela: asudevil [NMRs—1]
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Re: WitA 8: 1848 Fall

Postby joe92 » 18 Dec 2018, 12:20

Retreat GoP
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Re: WitA 8: 1848 Fall

Postby VGhost » 19 Dec 2018, 00:52

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