WitA 8: Draw Proposal #1 (Sp, Me, Ch) (Rejected)

10 player variant set in North and South America circa 1840, created by Macario Reyes. GMed by NanookTheEskimo.

WitA 8: The Last War

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WitA 8: Draw Proposal #1 (Sp, Me, Ch) (Rejected)

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 07 Dec 2018, 08:13

USA proposes a three way draw including Spain, Mexico, and Chile. This proposal does NOT include USA, Brazil, Britain, Colombia, or Peru.

All draws must be voted through unanimously by all remaining players on the board, but they do not have to include all survivors. A draw can be proposed at any time, and will be canceled as soon as one veto is recorded or after two turns are processed (including builds, not including retreats), whichever is sooner. Draw votes can be submitted via PM or as a comment on the draw proposal post. Please note that votes left on the map post will not be counted. Players are limited to one draw proposal per turn.

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Re: WitA 8: Draw Proposal #1 (Sp, Me, Ch)

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 07 Dec 2018, 16:30

Britain accepts.
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Re: WitA 8: Draw Proposal #1 (Sp, Me, Ch)

Postby Wobbly » 07 Dec 2018, 18:25

Spain accepts
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