Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Winter 309 AC

7 player Game of Thrones variant introduced to playdip by Presser84, with updated rules from Aeschines. GMed by Aeschines.

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Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Winter 309 AC

Postby Aeschines » 29 Dec 2018, 20:13

Spring 310 AC orders are due December 31 at 9pm Eastern Time!

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StarkAdder - House Targaryen
What the hell. No secrets any longer here, either. Please destroy my fleets in Dornish Marches and Griffins Roost. It’s all about the draw now. If not, we’re wolf hunting. TL

"Fire and Blood."

Groo - House Martell
Build F Sandstone.

"Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken."

Woolgie - House Stark
O great and glorious Aeschines, thank you for blessing me with so many new bannermen. As winter is coming I am sure I will need the extra bodies to fight what cometh.
Build Fleet Great Wyk
Build Fleet Pyke
Build Army Flint’s Finger
Build Army The Twins

"Winter Is Coming."

Kimpossible - House Greyjoy
Eliminated Spring 309 AC
"We Do Not Sow."

AKFD - House Lannister
Eliminated Fall 301 AC
"Hear Me Roar!"

Pootleflump - House Baratheon
Eliminated Fall 302 AC
"Ours Is the Fury."

NoPunin10did - House Tyrell
Keep Lannisport, disband the other two

"Growing Strong."
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