Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Spring 309 AC

7 player Game of Thrones variant introduced to playdip by Presser84, with updated rules from Aeschines. GMed by Aeschines.

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Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Spring 309 AC

Postby Aeschines » 21 Dec 2018, 02:23

Fall 309 AC orders are due December 22 at 9pm Eastern Time!

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StarkAdder - House Targaryen
Darn these Winter is Coming holidays! No sooner have you freed thousands of slaves and bought a herd of wild stallions for the Dothraki when the seasons shift and you have to do it all over again! And what does one buy as a present for the Iron Bank of Braavos?

Anyway, a quick set of orders before I get back to the all-important holiday shopping and the even-more-all-important holiday drinking...

The Fleet in the Northern Narrow Sea shall MOVE to the Narrow Sea... succeeded
The Fleet in the Eyrie shall HOLD on to what they’ve got. It doesn’t really matter if they make it or not. They’ve got each other, and that’s a lot. For love... succeeded
The Fleet in Shipbreaker Bay shall MOVE to the Southern Narrow Sea... succeeded
The Fleet in Pentos shall SUPPORT that Fleet move into the SNS. Huzzah!... support cut, unit dislodged autoretreated to Braavosi Coast
The Fleet in the Stepstones shall MOVE to the Sea of Dorne... succeeded
The Fleet in Storms End shall HOLD. Same song, second verse... succeeded
The Army in Stormlands shall SUPPORT the Highgarden army to HOLD, if hold is what it does. One never knows with the Tyrells... supported unit succeeded
The Army in Kings Landing shall SUPPORT the Stormlands army to stay put... supported unit succeeded
The Army in the Westerlands shall MOVE to Casterly Rock... succeeded
The Army in Riverrun shall SUPPORT the Westerlands move to CR... supported unit succeeded

Next turn, if time allows, I will share the Targaryen version of 12 Days of Christmas...

Tyrion the elf
Hand of Santa

"Fire and Blood."

Groo - House Martell
F Sea of Myr support SNS to Pentos... supported unit succeeded
F SNS move to Pentos... succeeded
A Disputed Lands - Myr... succeeded
F ESS to Stepstones... succeeded
A Shield Isl - Searoad... bounced
A Horn hill- support Ashford to Highgarden... support cut
A Ashford-Highgarden... bounced
A Dornish Marches-Prince'ss Pass... succeeded
F Sunspear hold... succeeded

"Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken."

Woolgie - House Stark
Riverlands - Kingsroad... succeeded
Kingsroad - Gulltown... succeeded
The Finger’s support The Bite - Northern Narrow Sea... supported unit succeeded
The Bite - Northern Narrow Sea... succeeded
Dreadfort support Karhold - The Shivering Sea... supported unit succeeded
Karhold - The Shivering Sea... succeeded
The Twins - Ironman's Bay... succeeded
Pyke Hold... succeeded
Northern Sunset Sea - Southern Sunset Sea... succeeded
Harlaw - Golden Sea... succeeded

Execute the Greyjoy heir, for Yara is most annoying and talks only of iron-this and iron-that but refuses to iron anything of mine... succeeded
Feed the Tyrell heir grapes, for Marjaery is most lovely and fit... succeeded

"Winter Is Coming."

Kimpossible - House Greyjoy
RWS-Starfall... succeeded

"We Do Not Sow."

AKFD - House Lannister
Eliminated Fall 301 AC
"Hear Me Roar!"

Pootleflump - House Baratheon
Eliminated Fall 302 AC
"Ours Is the Fury."

NoPunin10did - House Tyrell
Casterly Rock - Lannisport... succeeded
Searoad - Horn Hill... bounced
Highgarden S Seagarden - Horn Hill... support cut

"Growing Strong."
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