Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Fall 307 AC

7 player Game of Thrones variant introduced to playdip by Presser84, with updated rules from Aeschines. GMed by Aeschines.

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Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Fall 307 AC

Postby Aeschines » 03 Dec 2018, 15:44

Winter 307 AC orders are due December 3 at 9pm Eastern Time!

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StarkAdder - House Targaryen
An old sailor once said, “Piss on wildfire and your cock burns off.”

There must be other ways of putting it out then. I have unfortunately played with a bit of it, and am juggling with green bottles right now as I try to manage snakes in the south, wolves in the north, squidlings in the west and my own restless dragons. I’m fortunate to have help from the Arbor, in both military and liquid form. It’s all that keeps me sane.

The orders given for this fall, with you-know-what season to follow....

F Braavos will SUPPORT our Fleet NNS to hold and fish... supported unit succeeded
Our F NNS will HOLDThe fish are still biting!... succeeded
F Eyrie will SUPPORT F NNS to hold. We’re making the chips to go with that fish... supported unit succeeded
A Riverrun will SUPPORT Lannisport to Casterly Rock. Thats what friends are for... supported unit succeeded
A Westerlands will SUPORT Lannisport to Casterly Rock. Two friends are better than one.... supported unit succeeded
A Stormlands will MOVE to Storms End. We need onions... bounced
A Kings Landing will MOVE Stormlands. We need fresh air... bounced
F Kingswood will SUPPORT Stormlands to Storms End. They promised to share their onions... supported unit failed
F Sea of Dorne will MOVE Griffins Roost. We need griffin eggs... succeeded
F SNS support will Sea of Dorne to Griffins Roost. They can keep the eggs though... supported unit succeeded
F Narrow Sea will MOVE Shipbreaker Bay. We want to watch them make an omelet... succeeded

Perhaps soon we will find peace in our lands. Rumour is that some Houses seek to end this bloody war, and House Targaryen is happy to join the peace talks. We await the word of Winterfell. And I await my next glass of Arbor Gold.

Tyrion Lannister
Hand of the Queen

"Fire and Blood."

Don Juan of Austria - House Martell
Storm's End Holds... succeeded
Dornish supports Strom's End to Hold... supported unit succeeded
Ashford moves to Stormlands... bounced
Oldtown holds... bounced
Sandstone moves to Salt Shore... succeeded
Prince's Pass moves to Yronwood... bounced
Godsgrace moves to Yronwood... bounced
Sunspear moves to the Sea of Dorne... succeeded
Disputed lands moves to Myr... succeeded

"Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken."

Woolgie - House Stark
The Twins - Great Wyk... succeeded
Ironman’s Bay convoy The Twins - Great Wyk... convoyed unit succeeded
Riverlands - Casterley Rock... bounced
Moat Cailin - The Neck... succeeded
The Finger’s Hold... succeeded
The Bite Support The Finger’s Hold... supported unit failed
Dreadfort Hold... succeeded
Karhold Hold... succeeded

"Winter Is Coming."

Kimpossible - House Greyjoy
GS S CR H... supported unit failed
CR H... unit dislodged, autodestroyed
RWS-SSS... succeeded
Arbor-RWS... succeeded

"We Do Not Sow."

AKFD - House Lannister
Eliminated Fall 301 AC
"Hear Me Roar!"

Pootleflump - House Baratheon
Eliminated Fall 302 AC
"Ours Is the Fury."

NoPunin10did - House Tyrell
Highgarden-Ashford... bounced
Lannisport-CR... succeeded
Searoad-SI... succeeded

"Growing Strong."

Winter Unit & SC Count
StarkAdder - House Targaryen... 11 Units, 11 SCs (0 builds)
Don Juan of Austria - House Martell... 9 Units, 9 SCs (0 builds)
Woolgie - House Stark... 8 Units, 9 SCs (1 builds)
NoPunin10did - House Tyrell... 3 Units, 4 SCs (1 builds)
Kimbyrle - House Greyjoy... 4 Units, 2 SCs (2 destroys)
Pootleflump - House Baratheon... 0 Units, 0 SCs, eliminated
AKFD - House Lannister... 0 Units, 0 SCs, eliminated
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