Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Spring 306 AC

7 player Game of Thrones variant introduced to playdip by Presser84, with updated rules from Aeschines. GMed by Aeschines.

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Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Spring 306 AC

Postby Aeschines » 19 Nov 2018, 05:12

Fall 306 AC orders are due November 21 at 9pm Eastern Time!

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StarkAdder - House Targaryen
Anyway, on we go. A great force realignment is in the cards this season, as I believe swords grow rusty and sailors grow crusty if they stay in the same place too long...

The Fleet in the Shivering Sea MOVES to the Northern Narrow Sea to thaw;
The Fleet in the Northern Narrow Sea MOVES to the Narrow Sea to make room;... succeeded
The Fleet in Tyrosh MOVES to the Southern Narrow Sea on a lark... succeeded
The Fleet in Gulltown MOVES to Harrenhall (wc). At least, that is what the Map seems to say, even though the west coast seems to be further east (on the bay) than the east coast (on the lake). Or perhaps WC stands in this case for Water Closet, which is a convenience of another sort, but one where we always try to aim;... succeeded
The Fleet in Kings Landing MOVES to Kingswood, hugging the coastline because we love it so much;... succeeded
The Fleet in Braavos stays put and SUPPORTS the Fleet in the Shivering Sea’s move to NNS because we feel sorry for them;... supported unit succeeded
The Fleet in the Eyrie HOLDS. Yes, this is an exception to my theory about the need to move around, but Ser Robyn has been an absolute shit lately and we need to keep some admirals around the stop him from throwing servants through the Moon Door every day;... succeeded
The Army in Harrenhall MOVES to Riverrun. See my theory above;... succeeded
The Army in Riverrun MOVES to the Westerlands. Ibid... succeeded
The Army in Crownlands MOVES to Kings Landing. For some R&R... succeeded
The Army in the Red Keep HOLDS. Darn. Another exception. Oh bother.... succeeded

We shall soon see if this massive realignment yields anything more than massive muddle.

Acting Regent
House Targaryen
and reigning King of the Porcelain Throne

"Fire and Blood."

Don Juan of Austria - House Martell
Dornish Marches supports Stormlands to hold... supported unit succeeded
Blackmont supports Ashford to hold... supported unit succeeded
Starfall supports Oldtown to hold... supported unit succeeded
Salt shore moves to Western Summer Sea... bounced
Eastern summer sea supports salt shore to western summer sea... supported unit failed

"Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken."

Woolgie - House Stark
The Twins - Flint’s Finger... succeeded
Moat Cailin- The Neck... succeeded
The Bite Support The Fingers Hold... supported unit succeeded
The Fingers Support The Bite Hold... supported unit succeeded
Karhold - Dreadfort... succeeded
Bay of Seals - Karhold... succeeded
Beyond the Wall - Brandon’s Gift... succeeded

"Winter Is Coming."

Kimpossible - House Greyjoy
F RS S SSS - WSS... supported unit failed
F SSS - WSS... bounced
F GS - SSS... bounced
(Casterly Rock not ordered)

"We Do Not Sow."

AKFD - House Lannister
Eliminated Fall 301 AC
"Hear Me Roar!"

Pootleflump - House Baratheon
Eliminated Fall 302 AC
"Ours Is the Fury."

NoPunin10did - House Tyrell
Reach S Highgarden H... supported unit succeeded
Highgarden S Horn Hill H... supported unit succeeded
Horn Hill S Highgarden H... supported unit succeeded
Shield Isles S Horn Hill H... supported unit succeeded

"Growing Strong."
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