Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

7 player Game of Thrones variant introduced to playdip by Presser84, with updated rules from Aeschines. GMed by Aeschines.

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Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby Aeschines » 22 Aug 2018, 15:33

The first two games have been bloody & brutal. Truly the age old adage is true. You win or you die. Join us for Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III!

Please post below or PM me if you are interested in playing. I will be running 3/1/1 deadlines. House selection will be by blind auction and, if we have more than 7 players interested, preference will be given to those with proven track records in forum games. The comms for this game will be handled on Discord (https://discordapp.com/) and anyone is welcome to watch and participate in the public/in character banter there. PM for an invitation to the Discord server. Creating an account on Discord is free and it only takes a few moments. There is a great smart phone application, desktop application, or you can run it directly in your browser.

Game of Thrones Diplomacy 2.3.png
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Don Juan of Austria


List of Rule Edits from Diplomacy of Ice & Fire II:
    Bear Island added as passable space
    Bear Island added as SC
    Updated autodestroy rules

Game Rules
General Rules:
    1.1 - The regular rules of Diplomacy apply, except where amended below.
    1.2 - The game begins in Spring 298 AC (Aegon's Conquest). The terms Spring, Summer, Fall, Autumn, and Winter will continue to be used to avoid confusion despite the fact that in this universe seasons are actually longer than years. And so the player of House Stark can frequently remind everyone that Winter Is Coming.
    1.3 - There are 35 supply centers. The victory criterion is 18 supply centers at the end of any Autumn retreat season.
    1.4 - A draw accepted by all living players can end the game, but not until 5 game years have elapsed.
    1.5 - Houses may build in any unoccupied center under their control (build anywhere), representing the ability to call new Banner men upon assumption of a new lordship.

2.0 Starting Positions
7 Great Houses of Westeros represented in the game, with their capital in bold
    House Stark (Grey) - Army Winterfell, Fleet White Harbor
    House Lannister (Red) - Army Casterly Rock, Army Crownlands, Fleet Lannisport
    House Baratheon (Yellow) - Army Storm's End, Army Kingswood, Fleet Griffin's Roost
    House Tyrell (Green) - Army Highgarden, Army Oldtown, Fleet Starfall
    House Martell (Orange) - Army Yornwood, Army Godsgrace, Fleet Sunspear
    House Greyjoy (Blue) - Army Harlaw, Fleet Great Wyk, Fleet Pyke
    House Targaryen (Pink) - Army Pentos, Fleet Dragonstone

3.0 Map Rules
    3.1 - All game territories are marked by their name. Any territory or island that is not marked with a name (such as Tarth and Skagos) is not a playable territory in the game
    3.2 - All coastal territories have one coast except Beyond the Wall, Brandon's Gift, and Harrenhall each have a west coast and an east coast.
    3.3 - Rivers are not spaces and may not hold units. However, navigable rivers allow the spaces in which they run to be treated as coastal for the purposes of fleet movement.
    3.4 - The Trident: The Trident and its forks are not navigable. That is, Riverrun and the Kingsroad cannot be occupied by ships at all, and the Riverlands only have a west coast (bordering Ironman's Bay). The point where the forks of The Trident come together is impassable completely, meaning the Riverlands do not border Harrenhal and Riverrun does not border the Kingsroad.
    3.5 - The Blackwater: The Blackwater is drawn in light blue to signify that is is navigable, making it possible for fleets to move inland towards God's Eye, and vice versa. All of the territories that border The Blackwater can be occupied by a fleet.The Blackwater acts as King's Landing's border with the Kingswood, the Stormlands, The Reach, and Stony Sept, and as the border between the Crownlands and Stony Sept. These borders are like regular land borders.
    3.6 - The Mander The Mander is drawn in light blue to signify that it is navigable, making it possible for fleets to move inland up to Highgarden, and vice versa. This means that Highgarden can be occupied by a fleet, and fleets can be built there. The Mander acts as the border between the Searoad and Horn Hill. This border is like a regular land border.
    3.7 - Island Supply Centers: There are 7 island spaces: Bear Island, Dragonstone, Great Wyk, Pyke, Harlaw, Shield Islands, and Tyrosh. Island supply centers may be occupied by armies or fleets and armies in adjacent provinces may move to islands without need of a convoy (i.e. Searoad or Horn Hill to Shield Islands or Disputed Lands to Tyrosh). An army or a fleet may be built in an island supply center, provided other build rules are followed. Armies may move between any of Great Wyk, Harlaw, and Pyke without assistance from fleets. Fleet occupying islands may convoy units as if they occupied a sea space.

4.0 King's Landing
    4.1 - As the seat of the Iron Throne and capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King's Landing and the Red Keep are both supply centers.
    4.2 - The Red Keep is a space on the map that borders all the spaces that are bordered by King's Landing. (e.g. a unit may move Stoney Sept - Red Keep while another unit moves Blackwater Bay - King's Landing). The special status of the Red Keep and King's Landing are noted by the light grey dividing line between them.
    4.3 - At the beginning of the game, the power in King's Landing is split with the Lannisters holding King's Landing and the Baratheons holding the Red Keep.
    4.4 - A unit may move from King's Landing to the Red Keep or vice versa. A unit's presence in King's Landing does not prevent another unit from moving into the Red Keep and vice versa.

5.0 Heirs of the Great Houses
    5.1 - Each House starts with one heir (their gender is irrelevant), except the Targaryens who begin with two (2). If the last heir to a House is executed and the capital of the House is captured by another player, the House is removed from their game.
    5.2 - Houses removed from the game no longer may issue orders to their units. The player may no longer vote in draws or issue orders. The remaining units of the player are issued hold orders, are autodestroyed if dislodged, and are autodisbanded based on A) Units furthest from an SC owned; B) Units furthest from an owned starting home SC; C) Units furthest from an owned capital; D) Fleets before armies; E) Alphabetical order of the province name starting with "a" (these autodestroy preferences also apply in the event of an NMR).
    5.3 - Heirs may only move between capitals if they are married to the Heir of another House. Marriages occur if both players issue matching marriage orders during a Spring or Fall turn. Marriage orders look like:
    Stark wrote:Heir Stark weds Heir Targaryen, to live at Dragonstone.
    All three components of the marriage order must match (who, who, and where). An heir may be remarried on the same turn that their spouse dies (i.e. if Targaryen & Baratheon are married at Storm's End, Baratheon could order: Execute Heir Stark & Heir Baratheon marries Heir Martell to live at Sunspear, during the same turn.)
    5.4 - Hostages: Houses who have foreign heirs living at their capital (in the above example, the Targaryen's would have the Heir Stark living at their capital) may during any Spring or Fall turn 1) Return the heir; 2) Execute the heir; 3) Do nothing. Houses with marriage ties may not return their in-law's heir.
    5.5 - Houses who have previously executed the heir of another House may never receive support from that House's units again.
    Targaryen wrote:Execute Stark Heir
    Stark wrote:Fleet Black Water Bay support Dragonstone Hold (Targaryen unit)... order invalid

    5.6 - When a capital is taken by a foreign House any heirs living there are captured as hostages by the new owners of the capital.
    5.7 - A House may promote a new heir by "building" a new one during a build phase. They may do so even if doing so causes a destroy. The new heir will permanently count towards the House's unit total, even if the heir is later killed (a second replacement will count as a second unit). If a House already has one heir (such as the Targaryens after one is executed) they may not build a second heir. "Building" an heir is only possible if there are no living heirs of the House. If a House builds an heir, not having a build that turn, an autodestroy will be processed to keep their unit count even with their SC count.
    Stark, 5 SCs 5 Units wrote:Promote new heir, destroy Fleet Blackwater Bay

    5.8 - If a House without a capital seizes another House's capital and takes their Heir hostage, the hostage resides continues to reside at the second House's capital.

6.0 Greyjoys SC
    6.1 - Unlike the other Great Houses, the Greyjoy player begins the game with more units than SCs. This will be corrected during the first winter turn.
    6.2 - Harlaw, though not an SC, is considered a build site for the Greyjoy player, so long as they control at least one other home SC (i.e. Pyke or Great Wyk) during that same winter phase.

7.0 Wildlings
    7.1 - A unique neutral unit occupies the lands Beyond the Wall. The wildling army does not move and may not be supported to move to any space. Nor does it support any other units to move or hold. If dislodged, it is destroyed and may not retreat. If Beyond the Wall is neutral and vacant during a winter turn, a new wildling army will be built. Once Beyond the Wall has been captured by a Great House it will never rebuild a wildling unit.

GM House Rules:
1.0: Deadlines will be run with 3 days (roughly 72 hours) for spring/fall and 1 day for retreat/builds (roughly 24 hours).
    1.1: All deadlines will be at 9:00pm New York Time, unless otherwise stated
    1.2: I will endeavor to send out a 24hr warning to all players during movement phases - but this is not a guarantee, do not rely on this warning
    1.3: I will use speed deadlines as much as possible
    1.3.1: Unless marked PRELIMINARY in the subject line or at the top of the message, all orders will assumed to be finalized
    1.3.2: If I have received a full set of non-preliminary (i.e. finalized) orders I will process them before the deadline

2.0: Orders must be submitted to me by PM. Their subject lines must include "Game of Throne/GOT/DoIaF: [YEAR/SEASON] [Power]" in some reasonable order. I will accept orders until I begin processing the turn
    2.1: All order sets must be complete - I will only look at the last orders message you send to determine all of your orders for that turn; on order set that merely says "change ABC - XYZ to ABC S DEF - XYZ" will result in all units, other than ABC holding
    2.2: I will accept any order syntax/spelling as long as it is unambiguous (I will include context in this analysis, i.e. Irish Sea M LIV, would be allowed). However, I greatly prefer that you write out the full name of each province (espcially when province names do not have assigned shorthand).
    2.3: Ambiguity will result in a HOLD order being given to the unit(s) (including, for example, giving one unit two orders in the same set)
    2.4: If I cannot find your order(s) because they have an incorrect subject line you may NMR, though it will not count against your total for the purposes of 3.0

    3.0: NMRs; two NMRS will result in the player being replaced
      3.1: NMRs for builds/retreats will be considered NMRs for purposes of 3.0
      3.2: A first-turn NMR will result in the player being replaced
      3.3: If a player leaves the game for any reason, I will pause the game and attempt to find a replacement
      3.4: I will give extensions, on request to avoid NMRs
      3.5: In the event of an NMR I will give an automatic 24 hour extension, however, this NMR will still count against the player for the purposes of 3.0

    4.0: Draws can be proposed at any time. They must be proposed via group message and in the thread and voted on publicly in the thread
      4.1: Draws need not include all survivors
      4.2: Draws must have the assent of all players with SCs on the board to be approved
      4.3: Any veto instantly cancels a proposed draw
      4.4: Draws expire after I have processed two spring/fall turns after they've been proposed

    5.0: Errors in Adjudication must be identified before the subsequent turn is processed
      5.1: Errors identified in time will be corrected when identified and an extension will be given such that each player gets a full turns worth of time with an accurate map
      5.2: Any error that goes unidentified after the subsequent turn is processed will stand

    6.0: Other messages should have a subject other than that used for orders in 2.0

    7.0: GM's Decisions are final
      7.1: To arrive at decisions in unclear situations I will confer with other playdip GMs
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 22 Aug 2018, 16:25

I'm keen! :)
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby StarkAdder » 22 Aug 2018, 16:42

I’ve been the bloody loser in the first and second chapter of your great book. I’d love a chance to redeem myself, or at least to play the game once again. And I woukd bid on other houses this time for the role-playing experience alone.

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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby Pootleflump » 22 Aug 2018, 17:10

I'd love to play again.
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby Groo » 22 Aug 2018, 17:12

The map looks so much better all yellow :P

Anyways, folks this is a brilliant map and give it a try! I hope it will soon become a standard on the site.

I'll join as a cavalry substitute if you'd want me (in case someone falls out or smth).
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby mgacampbell » 22 Aug 2018, 19:52

I'd love to play, too.
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby Woolgie » 22 Aug 2018, 21:26

Again already? Peace in Westeros definitely does not last.

Sign me up to contend the iron throne please.
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby AKFD » 23 Aug 2018, 00:01

Sign me up!

DoIaF shall live on!
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby Jvm495 » 26 Sep 2018, 03:05

Never played before however have played normal diplomacy and would love to see this spin-off in action.
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Re: Diplomacy of Ice & Fire III: Looking for Players

Postby condude1 » 10 Dec 2018, 19:39

It would be fun to add the whitewalkers to this somehow. After 7 years they come, and people have to commit units to defense or something. It feels like Beyond the Wall should be more ominous!
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