WitA 7: 1853 Winter

10 player variant set in North and South America circa 1840, created by Macario Reyes. GMed by NanookTheEskimo.

WitA 7: The War Awakens.

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WitA 7: 1853 Winter

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 18 Feb 2019, 06:54

Spring orders are due by February 20, 6pm EST/11pm BST.

1854 Spring.png
1854 Spring.png (62.8 KiB) Viewed 218 times

Argentina: Alman
No orders

Brazil: Aeschines
Dead as a doornail

Britain: Kimpossible (NMRs—0.5)
No orders

Chile: Morg (NMRs—0.5)
Flt tem: There’s already an army there

Colombia: Aardvarkarmy
Part of the departed

Mexico: Groo (NMRs—1)
Deader than a doornail

Peru: asudevil
He dead

Spain: boldblade
Army Havana
Fleet SdC

USA: Don Juan of Austria (NMRs—1)
Destroy New Mexico

Venezuela: TTBen
Build fleet Car: Resolved
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(h/t lordelindel)

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