The PlayDip Historical Society: Active Games and Scores

The PlayDip Historical Society is a club where like minded PlayDippers can get together and participate in Historically Accurate Re-enactments. Using specialized house rules , role-playing and PbF games, we play games reenacting WWI, WWII, and more.

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The PlayDip Historical Society: Active Games and Scores

Postby willie23 » 27 Apr 2018, 02:19

The PlayDip Historical Society

Active Games:



Finished Games:

—>game 143772
Current Phase: Complete, Entente Win
>United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland(Frenchie07001):
>Imperial Germany(willie23):
>Kingdom of Italy(ccloughley):
>Ottoman Empire(Diplomat 1966):
>Russian Empire(Gentle_Diplomat):
>French Third Republic(StarkAdder):
>Austro-Hungarian Empire(Chessplayer):
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