Colonial 7: Fall 1872

7 player variant set in the late 1800s.

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Colonial 7: Fall 1872

Postby GhostEcho » 12 Mar 2018, 04:46

StarkAdder has failed to submit orders for two consecutive turns for Turkey and will be replaced. Turkey has one auto-retreat which can be handled consecutively with builds unless someone requests separate resolution publicly or privately.

Due to my slight delay in posting the turn, and the need for a new player, Winter 1872 orders are due by 7:00 PM US Eastern Daylight Tuesday March 13 (23:00 GMT).

Turkey: Army Tabriz confirm retreat Armenia or disband

Britain - Don Juan of Austria: 13 centers, 10 units, 3 builds
China - Chessplayer: 3 centers, 3 units
France - GPD: 6 centers, 6 units
Holland - Groo: 8 centers, 6 units, 2 builds
Japan - EnlightenedMonarch: 10 centers, 10 units
Russia - Cliff Dancer: 16 centers, 12 units, 4 builds
Turkey: 2 centers, 4 units, 2 disbands

Colonial 7 Fall 1872.gif
Colonial 7 Fall 1872.gif (42.87 KiB) Viewed 303 times

Britain - Don Juan of Austria
Egypt hold.
Red sea moves to Sudan.
Persian gulf supports Persia to hold.
Persia supports Baku to Tabriz.
Nepal moves to Punjab.
Hyderabad moves to Bengal.
Assam supports Hyderabad to Bengal.
Gulf of Manaar moves to Bay of Bengal.
Ceylon moves to Gulf of Manaar.
Hong Kong supports Canton to hold.

China - Chessplayer
Canton HOLD
Chungking SUPPORT Canton to HOLD
Burma to HOLD

France - GPD
Mandalay s Tongking Hold
Tongking s Mandalay Hold
Ban (ec)-Mal
Gulf of Siam-Sunda Sea
South China Sea c Annam-Nanchung
Annam-Nanchung fails (Kyushu S by Lanchow)

Holland - Groo
F Andaman Sea-Rangoon
F Mal-Andaman Sea
A Sig-New Guinea bounces (Lower Pacific Ocean)
F Java c A Sig-New Guinea
F Celebes Sea c Sig-New Guinea
F Davao Hold

Japan - EnlightenedMonarch
A Seoul to Shanghai
F Yellow Sea Convoy Seoul to Shanghai
F SOJ Holds
A Kyu to Nanchung
F ECS Convoy Kyu to Nanchung
F Formosa to Luzon Strait
F MPO to Cebu
F Cebu to Sulu Sea
F LPO to New Guinea bounces (Singapore)

Russia - Cliff Dancer
Mediterranean Sea holds
Rumania to Black Sea
Angora holds
Baku to Tabriz
Orenburg to Tashkent
Kashgar supports Sinkiang to hold
Sinkiang holds
Lanchow supports KYU to Nanchung
Peking to Mongolia
Manchuria supports PA to hold
PA supports Manchuria to hold
Vladivostok to Sak

Turkey - StarkAdder (NMR x2 consecutive)
Baghdad no order, holds
Shiraz no order, holds
Syria no order, holds
Tabriz no order, holds, dislodged (Baku S by Persia), auto-retreat Armenia
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Re: Colonial 7: Fall 1872

Postby StarkAdder » 12 Mar 2018, 22:53

Apologies to all affected by my NMRs. My computer crashed at less than the ideal time (if there ever a good time)? I am back with a new hard drive, and hope a new player can take over what is left of Turkish lands in this game. StarkAdder
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Re: Colonial 7: Fall 1872

Postby LBS » 16 Mar 2018, 16:12

I can take over Turkey if no one else has replied yet.

Edit: Scrap that, have fun and GL Sourflour!
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