Got a Suggestion? Read this first

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Got a Suggestion? Read this first

Postby mjparrett » 21 Nov 2017, 14:22

I appreciate everyone will have their views on how to run the league. And I fully accept that my initial views and rules will not be perfect. So please feel free to suggest new ideas, fixes to problems you have encountered, and changes to the scoring system etc.

This is done (and implemented) as follows:

1. If you wish to make a suggestion, please start a new thread in this sub-forum outlining your suggestion, and why you think it is an improvement to the current system.
2. This thread is then open to the league players for comments, and to agree or disagree with your suggestions.
3. IF a thread gets more than 10 people agreeing with the suggestion then it will be put to a referendum. A PM will be sent to all league players asking for their vote. A proposal needs to have an overwhelming majority (67% of current league players) to pass and be implemented. The vote will be a 'secret ballot' so no-one (other than the moderator) know who has voted and the results.
4. An announcement will be posted confirming the result.
5. Should any suggestions be passed, they will be implemented at the start of the following season. No changes will come into effect mid-season.
6. The moderator's decision is final.

Please note that more than 10 people need to agree with the exact proposal/suggestion outlined in a post. For example, the most contentious issue seems to be the scoring. You will need to get 10 people to agree to YOUR particular method of scoring to start a vote. Just having 10 people complain they don't like the current method is not enough ;)
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