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PDL 3.3 - Investigation Result

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2018, 05:07
by Alman
Greetings Sports Fans,

So, a lot of electronic ink has been spilled with accusations, insinuations, defenses, and discussion about the dynamics that developed in PDL Game 3.3. This was referred to me as a Mod who had no connection to the game or the players in it. Over the last few days I have conducted an extensive investigation into this game to determine what the truth is. I will tell you that I put more time into this game than almost any Cheater-Hunting investigation I've ever done just to make sure it was done right since we want to respect and honor the PDL. As such, here is what I found.

Top Conclusion: There was no cheating on the part of France (Pootleflump) or England (rd45). The win was earned. The amount of messages in this game made even a good Classicist game look like a Gunboat game by comparison. I have spent hours reading and investigating.

We need to be clear on the difference between the Site Rules and our personal preferences and standards. There are various choices of diplomatic style that someone may make that others find objectionable or honorable, effective or abhorrent. The site makes no distinction as a rule when it comes to style. In this game, various styles were employed. The rules were not broken.

That being said, there were some lines that came close to being crossed. Here is the biggest one.
It is against the Site Rules to make accusations of cheating in Public Press. This came close to being broken a couple of times in the discussion.
Active games should not be discussed in detail in the Forum and the Forum is never to be used to influence the course of a game. Now the "Lounge" has been allowed to exist on the edge of this rule, but a couple of times things started tipping over the edge.
In both of these cases, we are not going to bring any site sanction, just a reminder for us all to be a bit more careful.

I close this report with a personal observation. I have been in games where a player deployed a style of diplomacy I did not appreciate, enjoy, or respond well to. I had many different options of what to do about that. Withdrawing from the game is obviously an option, though one I won't take because of my belief in not surrendering. Another is to respond in kind, add to the unpleasantness, or complain. All these are options available. For myself, what I have done is try my best to demonstrate my own positive style, seek to encourage that style in others, and if need be, just ignore that which bothers me. I've found that tends to work better than you might expect. The name of the game is DIPLOMACY, and you and you alone have full control over your style. :)

I want to thank mjparrett for working with me as I conducted this investigation and filtered it through the League dynamic and for other non-involved Mods who helped with perspective and input. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, but like the posts in the Cheater Forum, I'm going to lock this thread since this is now a closed investigation. If you feel I've missed something, feel free to message me, but trust me, I spent A LOT of time on this one! I hope this reassures any who had questions about the unfortunate tone and drama that emerged around this game and I hope all can move on to brighter and more positive futures.