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These are the rules for the PlayDip Diplomacy League (PDL):

All divisions will have 21 players per league. Exact amount of leagues will only be confirmed once the registration for each season is closed. All players will play the same amount of games per season (21 player leagues will have 4 games each).

After the first season, all existing members will be invited back for the second season. Should there be multiple leagues then there will be relegation/promotion. 7 people would be promoted/relegated from each division. Winner of the top division is crowned PDL Player of the Year :)

All games are to be 'standard' diplomacy on the regular v2 map. Regular press.
Ranked games. No DIAS, draws voted by secret ballot.
Games will be anonymous countries. Random country allocation.
Deadlines will be 2/1/1 with a finalise option. Games will not process on the main bank holidays per year (although the season will run January to approx. September so this won't be a major issue).
NMR 1st turn protect will be on. Games will not be protected.
Games will be password protected and players will be PM'd details of each game as and when it starts. Games will (roughly) start on 1 Jan/Mar/May/Jul each year. No cut-off point for scoring is in place - a game lasts as long as it lasts.

The scoring system will be as follows:

Solo = 40 points
2 way draw = 20 points
3 way draw = 10 points
4 way draw = 5 points
5 way draw = 2 points
6 and 7 way draw = 0 points
Surrender = -5 points.

Please note any 2 surrenders in a season will face possible elimination from the league (you will be PM'd for an explanation. Any lack of real life issues and you are out!)

"Centre difference" will be used as a tie breaker. Everyone starts with 3 home centres (Russia 4). So you centre difference will be your final centre count less your start count. Therefore elimination from a game will receive a centre difference of -3 (-4 for Russia). Should you still be alive at the end game but not part of any draw then you will receive 0 points but your centre difference will still be your final centre count less your start position. So potentially positive even though you have 0 points.

AARs will be started for each complete game. I would love everyone to participate in these but realise it is not for everyone. So these will not be compulsory.

Please see the fixtures thread for full details. However as above all players will play the same amount of games (4 each in a 21 player league). No-one will play anyone more than twice. Whilst you will play the majority of players in your league you will NOT play everyone. Fixtures for the full season will be announced in advance at the start of January each year.

So just like football (or whatever your chosen sport) there is an element of luck in this. You might find yourself on a board full of the top players. The last game of the season could be a title decider or a dead rubber. Luck of the draw.

If there is anything you don't like in the above, I refer you to the suggestions thread....
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Re: Rules

Postby mjparrett » 29 Nov 2017, 14:05

Appendix 1a :)

A few questions have arisen on surrenders, replacements and the like and these are clarified below.

To re-iterate I hope surrenders and NMRs will not be prevalent in this league. I am conscious about not making it elitist (certainly not based on rank). Depending on how things go there will be the option if making games ambassador only, but if possible I would rather avoid it.

As stated above, a surrender is -5 points. This is the same no matter at what stage of the game you are at. Early game and a bigger effect, or 1 power and about to be eliminated. It is too subjective to decide how important each surrender is, so they will be dealt with consistently.

All surrenders will also be followed up with a PM from me asking for an explanation. I don't want to get high and mighty and I know this might come across wrong. But as we know this is a 7 player game and surrenders can ruin it and drastically affect the balance of a game. "Because I was losing" will never be a good enough answer. Of course sometimes real life gets in the way. Where possible please use the pause request feature, or for longer pauses the sub facility.

Shit happens though. And while a surrender will get you -5 regardless, I'll keep you in the league if you have a good reason and I judge it to be out of character. Again this will be very subjective and I hold the one and only vote on this. Of course people can contact me with opinions, but I really would rather avoid people getting other players sanctioned/kicked out. Let's just all get along! Anyway, this is getting rambly. To the point:

- 2 surrenders will have you DQ'd from the league and automatically relegated to the bottom division (if you wish to keep on playing the following season). I sadly suspect we won't see these people again.
- 1 surrender and a bad attitude to a PM *could* get you surrendered. As above this is at my discretion.
- a repeated tendency to NMR throughout games will also result in a PM and you could potentially be DQ'd if I think you make a habit of it/are an unreliable sort.
- it looks very much like there will be some stand bys when the league kicks off in January which is good (as long as they agree to being on hold). If anyone is DQ'd from the lowest league the stand bys will be PM'd and ask to step in to fill remaining games. First come first served and NO preference will be given to rank. They will replace the DQ'd member in the league (including in an active game if/where possible).
- Any players joining a league mid-way through will start with 0 points (DQ'd player will be struck from the records). They will be exempt from relegation. Should they gain enough points in the remaining games for promotion then that is of course acceptable.
- first contentious point coming up. Should a member be DQ'd from a higher league (as of writing we only have 2), then the current leader of the division immediately below will be asked if they would like to be promoted mid season. Again if possible they will join an active game (so potentially could be playing a league 1 and 2 match simultaneously although this won't cause issues other than high workload!). The above point remains; they will start on 0 points and be exempt from relegation.
- the same process above will then be used to fill their slot in the lower league. The division immediately below first (if we have 3 or more divisions), followed by a PM to the stand by list, followed by a post in the Find A Game section of the forum (appreciate new members join all the time).

- Should anyone surrender but be apologetic/have a valid reason, then a sub will stand in for that game only. This will be put to the stand by list via PM first (clearly stating it is for the remainder of one game only) followed by a post on the forum. The offending player will receive the -5 penalty but carry on for future league matches.
- Should a stand in recover the surrendered position to the point where they score some points (we've all seen it happen) then these will NOT be awarded to the offending player. Their final score will be -5 regardless.
- A centre difference of -3 (-4 if Russia) will ALSO be awarded to a surrendering player IRRESPECTIVE of the position they left the game. Don't so it people. Get a sub or request a pause.
- People who reply to forum threads to sub in for one off games will be invited to join the stand by list and invited to join the new leagues as and when they are created (unless I get some help with this new leagues are likely to only start in January/February. Any later and you wait until the following season).


Now I have decided I am going with leagues of 21 this should be formally covered. 7 (SEVEN) players will be relegated/promoted each end of season, into the division directly below/above them. I thought about 5 but the reason for increasing this (apart from 7 being a good diplomacy number) is that it helps leagues from getting stale and having the same participants each year.

The bottom 7 players of the lowest league will be relegated to non-league material, and any stand bys used throughout the year will be asked if they would like to be replaced. First come first served. If there are less than 7 stand bys (or less than 7 people that accept the offer) then the required amount of people will be relegated to keep the league at 21 members. Should there be such interest and fascination throughout the season that we have 21 stand bys/new members registering interest in December, then the people relegated from the lower division will be invited to play the following season in the NEW lowest division (i.e. a division 3 in 2019). I'm sure that makes sense. Read it twice if not.

The deadline for signups for the 2018 league is now Friday 15th December 2017. I have done the math and 14 players just doesn't work. So I will fill as many leagues of 21 as possible with remaining members being stand by for the above. If I have 10 or more players stand by running up to this date there will be a concerted publicity push to get 3 leagues filled.

Your ranking AS AT 15 December will be used to determine your entry league.

An announcement will follow pre Christmas of the leagues/fixtures. PMs sent asking everyone to be committed and follow the rules. Stand bys contacted to explain the situation. Games will be set up and PMs sent first week in January.

To officially answer a suggestion; games will be anonymous countries only. Identities will be revealed after the game, league tables updated as we go along, and players asked to submit to AARs.

AARs should be a good discussion on the game and informative (and sometimes helping other players to improve). If I see any abuse/offence/clashing points in AARs then I will PM people involve. Again being DQ'd is at my discretion.

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