2018 TTT: Dissolution Maps & Rules Link

10-player variant set in Europe, Africa, Asia, & the Middle East. Starts in 1992, just after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Final round of the 2018 Tournament Through Time. GM'ed and Created by NoPunIn10Did.

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2018 TTT: Dissolution Maps & Rules Link

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 28 Dec 2017, 17:31


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Rules: РАСПАД (Dissolution)

At this time, the Dissolution rules and files are being hosted off-site at the following URL:

There, you will find two PDF documents:
  • Dissolution Full Rules
  • TL;DR Rules Summary (slightly NSFW)
While the Full Rules are the official rules, I highly recommend reading the two-page summary first. It assumes you have a working understanding of DP variants in general.

Maps: РАСПАД (Dissolution)

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