2018 TTT: 1812 Overture Transcribed Rules

6-player variant in Europe & North America. Second round of the 2018 Tournament Through Time. Created & GM'ed by NoPunIn10Did.

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2018 TTT: 1812 Overture Transcribed Rules

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 28 Dec 2017, 17:30


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Transcribed Rules: 1812 Overture (v1.5)
A Variant for Six Players


Variant Homepage: http://tinyurl.com/1812-overture-diplomacy

This forum post is an abridged transcription of the 1812 Overture rules document (version 1.5). It contains the complete rules, though additional examples and clarifications can be found in the Full Rules PDF.

Full Rules PDF: https://tinyurl.com/1812-overture-rules-1-5-5

If you would like to know more about the background of this variant and its development, I have an article in Issue 135 of Diplomacy World that you might find interesting.

Except as described below, standard rules of Diplomacy apply.

1812 Overture is a variant set in the Napoleonic era, with emphasis on:
  • The "War of 1812" between the United States and Britain/Canada
  • The "Patriotic War of 1812" between France and Russia
  • The "Peninsular War" between France, Britain, Portugal, and Spain
  • Other conflicts and political instability circa 1808-1815.

There are twelve powers on the map, with each of six players controlling two of them (similar to Versailles). There are two continents (theatres), North America (NA) and Europe (EU), connected by the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Five of the six players start in each theatre.

The game ends when a player conquers 18 SCs (total), with at least 12 of those SCs located in the same continent. Two players can simultaneously achieve these goals as well for a double-win.
Unlike prior versions of this variant, the 12 SCs you capture in a single continent do not have to be controlled by a single power.

See below for map images.

Starting Year
The game does not start in 1812, but rather starts in Spring 1811, since an "overture" comes before a performance.

12 Powers, 6 Players
Six powers in EU. Six powers in NA.
Three players get attached (preset) pairs, three get detached (random or auctioned) EU/NA pairs.
Napoleon gets two powers in EU. USA gets two in NA.
Everybody else has one power in each continent.

  • Attached Pairs
    • French Empire
      • FR - France (Dark Blue)
        • F Paris (Par)
        • A Barcelona (Brc)
        • A Amsterdam (Ams)
      • RH - Rhine Confederation (Sky Blue)
        • A Frankfurt (Fra)
        • A Dresden (Dre)
    • United States of America
      • RE - Republican Party (Brown)
        • A Philadelphia (Phi)
        • A Charleston (Chl)
        • A Baltimore (Btm)
      • FE - Federalist Party (Tan)
        • A New York City (NYC)
        • F Boston (Bst)
    • British Empire
      • BR - Britain (Bright Red)
        • F London (Lon)
        • A Edinburgh (Edi)
        • A Portugal (Por) (not an SC)
        • Controls Dublin (Dub) (vacant)
      • CA - Canada (Pink)
        • F Halifax (Hfx)
        • A Montreal (Mon)
  • Detached EU/NA Pair Powers
    • Detached EU Powers
      • AU - Austria (Yellow)
        • A Vienna (Vie)
        • A Buda (Bud)
      • DN - Denmark-Norway (Dark Red)
        • A Copenhagen (Cop)
        • F Christiania (Chr)
      • RU - Russia (Purple)
        • A Smolensk (Smo)
        • A St. Petersburg (StP)
        • Moscow (Mos) (vacant; Russia starts one unit short)
    • Detached NA Powers
      • NS - New Spain (Green)
        • A Mexico City (Mex)
        • F Havana (Hav)
        • A Florida (Flo) (not an SC)
        • Controls Cádiz (Cad) (vacant)
      • CH - Cherokee (Orange)
        • A Chattanooga (Cng)
        • A Ustanali (Ust)
        • Cherokee can't build fleets.
        • Cherokee can build in any vacant SC they control in NA.
        • Cherokee can't be convoyed to EU.
      • SH - Shawnee (Black)
        • A Tippecanoe (Tip)
        • A Wapakoneta (Wap)
        • Shawnee can't build fleets.
        • Shawnee can build in any vacant SC they control in NA.
        • Shawnee can't be convoyed to EU.
Victory Conditions
The game ends in a Solo Win, a Double Win, or a draw.

  • Solo Win: 18 & 12
    • 18: 18+ SCs (total of both powers)
    • 12: 12+ in one continent (total of both powers, if applicable).
    • Exactly one player meets both of these requirements.
  • Double Win: 18x2 & 12x2
    • Two players win at same time. It's not counted as a draw.
    • 18x2: Both players each have 18+ SCs.
    • 12x2: One player has 12+ SCs in NA. Other player has 12+ SCs in EU.
    • Both players meet both requirements.
    • Players don't have to have the same SC counts; they both win even if one player has a higher count.
  • Draw
    • Normal house rules or DIAS.
    • For the Tournament Through Time, please review the rules for Draws and Scoring.
Max 2 builds per year per power (up to 4 builds per player).
Each of your two powers has its own unit count.
Each can only build in eligible vacant SCs that it controls.
Your two powers can capture each other's SCs.

See the Building Eligibility Charts below for a quick summary of the special cases below.

Major Harbors
Eligible build SC for anybody who captures it.
Only way for Austria & Rhine to build fleets.
  • Venice (Ven)
  • Naples (Nap)
  • Koenigsberg (Kon)
  • New Orleans (NOl)
Cherokee & Shawnee
They can't build fleets, even in Major Harbors.
Any SC in North America is an eligible build location (like Build Anywhere variant).

France & Rhine
Warsaw is an eligible build SC for either France or Rhine.
Montreal is an eligible build SC for France.

Republicans & Federalists
The USA powers treat each other’s home SCs as eligible build SCs.
Savannah is also an eligible build SC for either USA power.

Britain & Canada
Toronto is an eligible build SC for either Britain or Canada.

New Spain
New Spain treats Cádiz as a third home center but is still considered an NA power.
Madrid is also an eligible build SC for New Spain.
New Spain treats Cádiz as a third home center even though it is a North American power. Stylized borders around Cádiz that make it appear to be partially neutral at game start are purely aesthetic; New Spain controls the entire province.

Russia or Denmark-Norway
Stockholm is an eligible build SC for either Russia or Denmark-Norway.

Special Rule: Convoying Between Continents
There is a limit on convoying NA > EU and EU > NA.
An army can only convoy to a non-home continent if going to own controlled SC or adjacent province.
The SC has to be controlled by the same power as the convoying Army (Canadian Army can't use British SC).
No restriction on convoys "going home" back to original continent. No restriction on convoys where the origin and destination are in the same continent.

Water and Terrain
Split Coastlines
  • St. Petersburg (StP nc/sc)
  • Madrid (Mad nc/ec)
  • Rupert's Land (Rup nc/sc)
  • Yorkshire (Ysh ec/wc)
Just like Denmark or Constantinople in vanilla Diplomacy. There is no canal through Amsterdam or Mecklenburg (i.e. no Kiel canal).
  • Stockholm (Stk)
  • Copenhagen (Cop)
  • Montreal (Mon)
  • Toronto (Tor)
  • Milwaukie (Mwk)
  • Michigan Territory (Mic)
  • Adirondacks (Adi)
  • Niagara (Nia)
Hybrid Provinces
Provinces containing both land and a body or water (like Gibraltar in 1900). Both armies and fleets can pass through. Like canals, but fleets can convoy through.
  • Newfoundland (Nfl)
  • Bahamas (Bah)
  • Hispaniola (His)
  • Dublin (Dub)
  • Cádiz (Cad)
Note that Cádiz is a peninsula. Its adjacency to Madrid is inland. Only armies can pass directly between Madrid & Cádiz, and a fleet in Cádiz may not directly convoy an army to Madrid.

The Great Lakes
The Great lakes are not adjacent to each other. Traveling between them requires passing first through an adjacent canal province.
In prior versions of this variant, the Great Lakes were Hybrid provinces. They are now just water.

List of Locations & Abbreviations
Supply centers are marked with an asterisk. Non-water provinces also indicate their continent (theatre).
Code: Select all
Adirondacks                 Adi     NA
Adriatic Sea                Adr
Allegheny                   All     NA
Amsterdam*                  Ams     EU
Antilles Current            AnC
Aquitaine                   Aqu     EU
Arctic Ocean                Arc
Arkhangelsk                 Ark     EU
Azores Current              AzC
Bahamas                     Bah     NA
Baltimore*                  Btm     NA
Barcelona*                  Brc     EU
Barents Sea                 Bar
Bavaria                     Bav     EU
Blue Ridge Mountains        Blu     NA
Bohemia                     Boh     EU
Boston*                     Bst     NA
Buda*                       Bud     EU
Cádiz*                      Cad     EU
Canary Current              CaC
Caribbean Sea               Crb
Charleston*                 Chl     NA
Chattanooga*                Cng     NA
Christiania*                Chr     EU
Copenhagen*                 Cop     EU
Dakotas                     Dak     NA
Dresden*                    Dre     EU
Dublin*                     Dub     EU
Edinburgh*                  Edi     EU
English Channel             Eng
Equatorial Current          EqC
Finland                     Fin     EU
Finnmark                    Fmk     EU
Florida                     Flo     NA
Frankfurt*                  Fra     EU
Galicia                     Gal     EU
Granada                     Gra     EU
Great Plains                GrP     NA
Guatemala                   Gua     NA
Gulf of Bothnia             GBo
Gulf of Danzig              GDz
Gulf of Lyon                GLy
Gulf of Mexico              GMx
Gulf Stream                 GuS
Halifax*                    Hfx     NA
Hanover                     Han     EU
Havana*                     Hav     NA
Hispaniola                  His     NA
Hudson Bay                  Hud
Iceland                     Ice     EU
Illinois Territory          Iln     NA
Illyria                     Ily     EU
Ionian Sea                  Ion
Kentucky*                   Ken     NA
Koenigsberg*                Kon     EU
Labrador                    Lab     NA
Lake Erie                   Eri
Lake Huron                  Hur
Lake Michigan               LMi
Lake Ontario                Ont
Lake Superior               Sup
Lazio                       Laz     EU
Livonia                     Lvn     EU
Lodomeria                   Lod     EU
London*                     Lon     EU
Lorraine                    Lor     EU
Madrid*                     Mad     EU
Maine*                      Mai     NA
Mecklenburg                 Mek     EU
Mexico City*                Mex     NA
Michigan Territory          Mic     NA
Milwaukie*                  Mwk     NA
Mississippi Territory       Msp     NA
Montreal*                   Mon     NA
Morocco                     Mor     EU
Moscow*                     Mos     EU
North Africa                NAf     EU
Naples*                     Nap     EU
New Orleans*                NOl     NA
New York City*              NYC     NA
Newfoundland                Nfl     NA
Niagara                     Nia     NA
North Atlantic Drift        NAD
North Sea                   Nth
Norwegian Sea               Nwg
Ozarks*                     Oza     NA
Paris*                      Par     EU
Philadelphia*               Phi     NA
Portugal                    Por     EU
Portugal Current            PoC
Provence                    Pro     EU
Rupert's Land*              Rup     NA
Sargasso Sea                SgS
Savannah*                   Sav     NA
Shenandoah                  She     NA
Silesia                     Sil     EU
Skaggerak                   Ska
Smolensk*                   Smo     EU
St. Petersburg*             StP     EU
Stockholm*                  Stk     EU
Switzerland                 Swi     EU
Texas*                      Tex     NA
Tippecanoe*                 Tip     NA
Toronto*                    Tor     NA
Tyrrhenian Sea              TyS
Ungava                      Ung     NA
Upper Mississippi           UMi     NA
Ustanali*                   Ust     NA
Venice*                     Ven     EU
Vermont & Coös              VtC     NA
Vienna*                     Vie     EU
Wales                       Wal     EU
Wallachia*                  Wlc     EU
Wapakoneta*                 Wap     NA
Warsaw*                     War     EU
West Florida                WFl     NA
Western Mediterranean Sea   Wes
Yorkshire                   Ysh     EU
Yucatan                     Yuc     NA
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Re: 2018 TTT: 1812 Overture Transcribed Rules

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 28 Dec 2017, 17:31

Maps, Build Eligibility Charts, and Unit Tokens

Because my image files are larger than the size allowed on this forum, I host them externally at imgur. There, you can view or download the full-resolution version of every map.

Build Eligibility in Europe

Build Eligibility in North America

Starting Map with Units and Abbreviations

Map with Full Names

Outlines Only Map

1812 Overture Unit Tokens
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Re: 2018 TTT: 1812 Overture Transcribed Rules

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Map Clarifications

The island of Sicily is part of the space designated as Naples (Nap). Therefore, Naples is adjacent to the Western Mediterranean (Wes). Nonetheless, the Tyrrhenian Sea (TyS) is still adjacent to the Ionian Sea (Ion) via the inlet between Naples & Sicily.
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