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2018 TTT: Dynasty Management

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2017, 05:55
by NoPunIn10Did

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Dynasty Management
Introduction to Dynasties
Players in the Tournament Through Time will be divided into 10 teams of 2-4 people called Dynasties. Each Dynasty's overall performance in the tournament, measured in points via rank-based scoring, will determine the tournament winner. The Dynasty that wins the most points will be the overall tournament winner. In the unlikely event of a tie, the victory will be shared by the applicable Dynasties.

Dynasties Play Four out of Five Games
Each Dynasty will compete in four of the five games in the tournament: the first game (Ambition & Empire), the last game (Dissolution), and two-of-three of the middle games. Which two middle games your Dynasty participates in will be determined during the middle rounds' power selection process.

With ten total Dynasties, in practical terms, this means:
  • Three Dynasties will play 1812 Overture and 1900, skipping 1936.
  • Three Dynasties will play 1812 Overture and 1936, skipping 1900.
  • Four Dynasties will play 1900 and 1936, skipping 1812 Overture.

Dynasty Captains
Each Dynasty should appoint a Captain to act as the primary contact for administrative communications between the GM and Dynasty. In most cases, conversations between the GM and Dynasty will involve all members, but it will be the Captain's responsibility to make sure the communication is delivered. The Captain's role does not extend to individual games where the Primary Player (below) is responsible.

Primary Players
For the variants your Dynasty does end up playing, it's up to your Dynasty to determine which player plays what. Each player who is to be considered an official member of a Dynasty must be allotted at least one game for which they are a Primary Player.

Additionally, each Dynasty should provide the GM with some form of plan for who will play what. This can change over time, particularly as your Dynasty determines which variants it is playing in. This doesn't have to be formal; it just needs to make sure everyone get at least one game.

Example A
Alice, Bob, and Charlie are the Example A Dynasty. They present the following initial plan.
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Alice will play Ambition & Empire.
Bob will play the first middle game (1812 Overture or 1900).
Charlie will play the second middle game (1900 or 1936).
Bob will probably play Dissolution.

Example B
David and Emily are the Example B Dynasty. This is their plan:
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Emily will play Ambition & Empire.
David will play 1812 Overture and/or 1936.
Emily will play 1900 if we get it.
Whichever of us hasn't played a second game already will play Dissolution.

Substitution-Only Members
Any Dynasty member not allocated a game for which they are the Primary Player must confirm with the GM that they understand that they are okay with being a substitute only.

More About Substitutes and Replacements
If an individual player needs to be absent from the game for some amount of time, it is important that player coordinate with their Dynasty to provide a substitute. It is the Dynasty's responsibility to notify the GM and other competing Dynasties of the substitution (or replacement) as soon as possible. If at all possible, this should be announced at least a few days prior to the absence.

Last-minute substitutions can be made, but how that is handled in the specific game is at the discretion of the GM.

Disputes Within Your Dynasty
Like any family, I expect that some Dynasties may find themselves in arguments over some point of order. For the most part, I plan to allow Dynasties to resolve these on their own.

However, no one may be forcibly replaced for a game in progress or otherwise booted from the Dynasty by their fellow members without the approval of the GM. The primary "boot-worthy" behavior is repeated missed orders or adjustments (NMR's) in a game where the accused member is the Primary Player. Missed Retreat phases do not qualify as a punishable behavior. Poor performance in an ongoing game does not qualify as a punishable behavior.

Again, if at all possible, settle your own squabbles. You're a team. Act like one.

Free Agents
If a Dynasty finds itself completely unable to provide a Primary Player for a given game, they may ask for help from the GM to recruit a "Free Agent" to their Dynasty. Free Agents are players who have expressed some interest in playing or observing the tournament but are not committed to a specific Dynasty by the tournament's start.

Once a Free Agent (or any other player for that matter) is officially recruited by the Dynasty, they may not play as a substitute or replacement for any other Dynasty.

Don't Piss Me Off: Ejection & Bastards
If a Dynasty becomes extremely dysfunctional and/or uncommunicative, particularly with multiple NMR's and no willing substitutes, the GM reserves the right to attach to your Dynasty a new player (or players) from the pool of Free Agents. Like a surprise bastard child in a basket on your doorstep, they will become members of your Dynasty whether you like it or not.

Likewise, the GM reserves the right to eject problematic players from a game or tournament as he deems fit. Remember, The GM is a Benevolent Tyrant.

Re: 2018 TTT: Dynasty Management

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2017, 05:55
by NoPunIn10Did
Dynasty Naming
Each Dynasty should have chosen a name and confirmed it with me (via PM) by early December. Having those decided will be helpful as I'm setting up the Slack team for the tournament.

A Dynasty name serves two purposes. Primarily your Dynasty name is for easy identification, but it's also a way for me to be able to create a sort of meta-narrative about these ten Dynasties as they feud through the centuries.

Please avoid using actual historical names that are too closely tied to the variants' powers, especially since your Dynasty might not play that power. Examples include Habsburg, Ottoman, Hanover, Bonaparte, etc.

I'm going to try and be flexible. It just has to sort of look like it could be a name (or part of a name). First or last; either works.

Examples from two names chosen so far:

Agaa, for instance, is really just an acronym of that Dynasty's members. However, since Aga is an actual name seen in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Poland, it's close enough to be useful.

Likewise, while a name like Tank is a bit more modern, I can work with that too, with characters like Prince Panzer, Viceroy Tanque, etc.

Mostly, I just want to avoid having to spend a year writing blurbs about The Buttface Dynasty or The We Can't Choose a Name Dynasty.

Re: 2018 TTT: Dynasty Management

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2017, 08:09
by asudevil
Crap...THIS is the post I need to say that I have my team ready to go