This variant set on a Milan Map. Each player has a Major Power and a minor Power that allow them to bend the standard rules. This variant also includes a communal power. GM'ed by Stalin813
4-way draw: Austria (Morg), Germany (Attitudes), Italy (GPD), Turkey (Gooderian)

Moderator: Morg


Postby Strategus » 17 Oct 2017, 20:35

VR6 is recruiting ;)
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Postby I Love Italy » 18 Oct 2017, 02:34

GPD wrote:VR6 is recruiting ;)

Don't have the time now, and after this AAR finishes I won't be on site for a while, but thanks for the offer.
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Postby marsman57 » 19 Oct 2017, 17:26

I have a lot going on right now and will need to sit out VR6 probably as well.

That said, I am very happy to hear that I didn't screw up my diplomacy terribly and just drew the short straw. It is fortunate that this happened on the forum as it is much more disappointing when it happens at the table and you have to endure several hopeless hours beyond. ;)
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