Heptarchy 12: Spring 662

7 player game set on the British isles. GM'ed byJoe92
4way draw between Cornubia (nanooktheeskimo), Ireland (Don Juan of Austria), Northumbria (I Love Italy), Wales (GhostEcho)

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Heptarchy 12: Spring 662

Postby joe92 » 22 Jun 2017, 11:53

Spring orders have arrived. While covering the line Wales loses ground to Ireland and Northumbria, but pushes further against Cornubia. Contrary to Cornubia's despair, this game does not seem so clear cut after all... A few retreats needed.

Cornubia - 1
Wales - 2

Retreats are due within 24 hours, by 06:00 EST / 11:00 GMT Friday 23rd

Heptarchy_662_03_spring.png (49.53 KiB) Viewed 218 times

Anglia - Gooderian
Eliminated 657

Cornubia - nanooktheeskimo
Exe S English Channel to Stn
English Channel to Stn
P-d-C to English Channel Bounced 1v2
Sussex to Por
Ply to Exmoor
Oxford to War
Cot S Oxford to War Support cut, Unit dislodged 1v2, Retreat needed
Ips to Cam Bounced 1v1
London to Ess Bounced 1v1
North Sea South to Norwich Bounced 1v1

Ireland - Don Juan of Austria
NAO Holds.
Connacht supports NAO to hold.
Irish sea moves to Isle of Man.
Solway Firth supports Irish sea to IoM.
North Channel supports Irish sea to IoM.
Belfast moves to Dublin.

Mercia - JoeHoya06
Eliminated 654

Northumbria - I Love Italy
F Lin-Kin Bounced 1v1
A York s A Cmb-Lan
A Cmb-Lan
A Spe s A York-hold Illegal order - No unit in the South Pennines

Scotland - buckielugger
Eliminated 657

Wales - GhostEcho
A Ess -> Cam Bounced 1v1
A Glo S A War -> Cot
A Her -> Bir
A Lan H Unit dislodged 1v2, Retreat needed
A Norwich -> Kin Bounced 1v1
A Not -> Ntn
A SPe -> Wolds
A Swa -> Cdf
A War -> Cot
F Cdf -> Sev
F Celtic Sea S F Cork H
F Cornish Sea -> English Channel
F Cork H
F Dublin -> Cardigan Bay
F IoM H Unit dislodged 1v3, Retreat needed
F Lyme Bay S F Cornish Sea -> English Channel
F Morecambe Bay -> Colwyn Bay
F Wre -> Gwy
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GM'ing: Emergence, ModEx

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Re: Heptarchy 12: Spring 662

Postby GhostEcho » 22 Jun 2017, 15:00

F IoM R Morcambe Bay
F Lan R SPe
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Re: Heptarchy 12: Spring 662

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 22 Jun 2017, 15:26

Retreat to Bri
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(h/t lordelindel)

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