Heptarchy 12: Spring 660

7 player game set on the British isles. GM'ed byJoe92
4way draw between Cornubia (nanooktheeskimo), Ireland (Don Juan of Austria), Northumbria (I Love Italy), Wales (GhostEcho)

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Heptarchy 12: Spring 660

Postby joe92 » 01 Jun 2017, 12:57

Spring orders have arrived. No retreats needed.

Fall orders are due in 3 days, by 07:00 EST / 12:00 GMT Sunday 4th

There has been a draw proposal made by Ireland to include the 4 remaining powers: Cornubia, Ireland, Northumbria, Wales

As per the house rules the draw must be accepted by all remaining players and will expire with the fall.

Cornubia - rejected
Ireland - accepted
Northumbria - accepted
Wales - no response

Heptarchy_660_03_spring.png (47.93 KiB) Viewed 333 times

Anglia - Gooderian
Eliminated 657

Cornubia - nanooktheeskimo
MAO to NAO Bounced 2v3
Norwegian S MAO to NAO
Bri to Cot bounced 1v1
Som to Cot bounced 1v1
Downs S London H
London H
Ipswich H
North Sea North to Firth of Forth bounced 1v2
North Sea South to North Sea North bounced
Doggerbank S North Sea South to North Sea North

Ireland - Don Juan of Austria
Aberdeen supports Nmb to Firth of Forth.
Nmb moves to Firth of Forth.
Southern Uplands supports Dum to hold.
North Channel moves to IoM. bounced 1v2
Dublin moves to Belfast. Illegal order - There is no unit in Dublin
Connacht moves to the North Atlantic.
Heb supports Connacht to NAO.
Hebridean sea supports Connacht to NAO.

Mercia - JoeHoya06
Eliminated 654

Northumbria - I Love Italy
A Nor- hold
F wolds- hold
A York-Npe
A Npe-Nmb
A Cmb- hold
F Morecambe-IoM

Scotland - buckielugger
Eliminated 657

Wales - GhostEcho
A Cam S A Oxford H
A Che H
A Liv H
A Not H
A Ntn S A Cam H
A Oxford S A Cam H
F Cardigan Bay -> Dublin
F Cdf -> Bristol Channel
F Celtic Sea -> Cork
F Colwyn Bay -> Morecambe Bay
F Cork -> Leinster
F Irish Sea S F Morecambe Bay -> IoM
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Re: Heptarchy 12: Spring 660

Postby I Love Italy » 01 Jun 2017, 15:08

I vote to accept.
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Re: Heptarchy 12: Spring 660

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 03 Jun 2017, 08:06

I will accept any threeway including me. I am unwilling to consider a four way at this time. Therefore, I reject this draw. If the game state hasn't changed in a year or two, then I'll reconsider, but for now, I think we can do better for an ending to this game than a four way draw.
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