Winter 222

8-player variant set in China starting 220AD. Created by Tom Blazevic (Magmaniac) & TheRedArmy. GM: Magmaniac. GM set DIAS with 5-way draw - drakarst (Shu Han). Blammo! (Funan), Steppenwulf (Kushan), TheRedArmy (Yamato). deanchuk (Goguryeo)

Winter 222

Postby Magmaniac » 07 Nov 2009, 00:02

Three Kingdoms
Winter 222

Next order phase is Spring 223, and orders are due Monday at 11 PM CST (GMT-6).

drakarst -Shu Han
destroy Chl and Ba

Blammo! -Funan
F Srv
F Mly
F Zhu

kininvie -Gupta

Steppenwulf -Kushan
Build Army Sog
Build Army Bac
Build Fleet Mal
Build Fleet Lbk

TheRedArmy -Yamato

deanchuk -Goguryeo

Flatley -Cao Wei
Destroy Hot

President Muffley -Sun Wu
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