Dominions 5?

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Dominions 5?

Postby UFOash » 31 Mar 2021, 20:38

Anyone play the 4X strategy game Dominions 5: Warriors of the Light?

It's kind of a mythological war game where you design a god, choose a nation for them to lead, and then conquer provinces and eventually go up against other gods who are all trying to take the place of the vanished previous god as the ruler of everything. You can fight with armies but then as the game goes on and more things get researched conventional warfare gets sidelined for mental magic spells and summoning weird monsters to do the battling for you.

It's a cool game to read about, but I reckon it could do with some modding because at the moment it's way too meta and you're not going to be a master of it unless you move into your parent's attic and become a dungeon wizard. But it's cool to get into if you like depth and the backstabbing of the diplomacy in online games makes it a good recommend for Diplomacy players.

Anyone else play this? Or played the previous versions?
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Re: Dominions 5?

Postby Millerf » 30 Jun 2021, 22:49

I played Dominions 5 the other day but for some reason it went too glitchy on my PC. Don't know why. Waiting for the patches to come out. The graphics in the game are quite good, though. But I am more rhe fan of WoW. Especially with this my playing gets much more exciting :D 8-)
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