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Postby Tarsier » 17 Nov 2016, 03:34

Hey all,

This seemed like the place to request this, but I need a favor from anyone who enjoys speculative fiction, particularly horror fiction. In this case, it isn't really blood and gore horror, but more of a quirky kind of horror.

I have several short stories that I've written and sold in the past. I've sold these to paying markets and a couple have been nominated for some recognitions. I don't say any of this to brag at all, but as a preface to my desire to take these various stories, most of which are now recorded in magazines and such that are scattered around my house, and to compile them in an anthology for my own amusement and as a gift to some family and friends. I'll self-publish and don't have big aspirations. My kids will eventually be old enough that I'd be willing to share with them, and it would just be easier to gift them with a collection.

I'll have to publish these under a pseudonym due to the content being something of a contrast with the nature of my job and with some of the professional stuff I write now. I'm not ashamed of anything I've written, but just need to keep an official aesthetic distance.

So ... for that reason, I'm also hoping to get some feedback on the stories. As mentioned, most have survived the scrutiny of an editor, but I've thrown in a few that I never got around to submitting, but which I think are worthy of inclusion. I'm looking for someone who is willing to read all 200 or so pages of the compilation (PDF, probably) and give some feedback. I'm not at all asking for a close edit or detailed feedback. I would be totally happy with, for each story, a thumb's up or a thumb's down to give me an objective opinion of whether the story is a keeper. If you want to do more, such as comment on why you didn't like a story, that's just icing on the cake. I'll probably solicit a handful of people for diversity of perspective. I'm specifically asking on this website and another I frequent as I really don't want to ask the same family/friends to whom I might give a copy down the road.

I'm not offering any payment, but hopefully some enjoyment for someone who enjoys reading speculative fiction. I'll probably pay some one for the closer editing, but for now, I just want someone to help me discern inclusion. I also mentioned that these have mostly been published to give some assurance that, if you are interested, at least someone else has seen some quality in them (enough to send me a check), so that you feel it might be worth your while. My style of writing fiction has evolved some, but the stories are dear to me, and I've promised I've left a couple dozen crap stories totally out of the mix.

Anyway, if interested, feel free to pm me or respond here and I can get you the file. I have a tough skin, so hoping to attract a reader or two who doesn't mind being honest.
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