What did you buy today?

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Re: What did you buy today?

Postby Paul Tudor » 24 May 2020, 22:16

Being an avid CS GO player I very often buy different cases for this game. About a week ago bought Spectrum case. Don't remember the price exactly but it was not expensive. Actually try not to exceed my month's limit of 50$ on different gaming items :D
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Paul Tudor
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Re: What did you buy today?

Postby Fatmo » 25 May 2020, 03:12

I love that this thread started as an obvious spambot thread and we all just ran with it. :P
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Re: What did you buy today?

Postby Custer » 25 May 2020, 04:57

Just eat whatcha wanna eat......oh yeah.....Lottery tix like every day.........speaking of day.......what day is it?

You're gonna pass on that cheeseburger and get run over by a truck on the way home. And on your way to Shambala you're gonna be thinking......damn, I could'a, would'a should'a had that cheeseburger!


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Re: What did you buy today?

Postby BaronRichard » 30 May 2020, 00:54

Does dinner count? If it does, some chimichangas and a margarita.
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