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Game asthetics

Postby ruffdove » 02 May 2020, 19:15

I'm curious, to what extent do the visual choices for game set-ups on the site impact players' decisions as to whether to join?

Personally, I find the old school map to be eye poison and I refuse to play games using it. Which is weird, because I also have a superstitious streak and I solo'd the one game I ever played on that map. Normally, I'd go back, expecting mystical forces of chance to be in my favor, but the map is just so ugly compared to the standard map--which is the best computer Diplomacy board I have ever seen--that I just can't commit to look at it for weeks on end again.

Armies and fleets too. I don't like tanks and destroyers or spartan helmets and triremes, and I HATE the one with the little soldier and the clunky looking ship. I like all the other designs. I'll play tanks/helmets if the game is exactly what I want and there are no alternatives, but I'll never sign up for the soldiers.

Anyone else picky about this stuff? Or am I just weird?
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Re: Game asthetics

Postby V » 02 May 2020, 19:35

If you’re weird you’re not alone on this issue.
The map question, I completely agree & I’m equally fussy about the army/fleet icons.
Diplomacy requires detailed inspection of the map & it mustn’t be ugly.
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Re: Game asthetics

Postby Mr.E » 02 May 2020, 20:40

For me, the old school map could go. I was here when it was used, though, so I understand the reasons for keeping it. And some games are played on it. Maybe it's easier to differentiate for some than for others (and it's better than the maps used in some other places, still).

Icons... I don't really care. There are some I wouldn't choose for a game myself but if I'm joining a game, I'm not fussy at all. All you need to know is what's what.
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Re: Game asthetics

Postby Big Gun » 03 May 2020, 02:07

This is an interesting topic for me as I have very specific aesthetic needs.

The retro map is vile. An affront. It reminds me of Backstabbr or WebDip, those terribly inferior sites with no sense of the aesthetic at all.

My ideal icons are the canons and sailing ships. I hate tanks, soldiers, clunky naval warships, dinos and helmets. I used to like the serpents and griffins. Bring them back, Mods! The stars and anchors are passable. The pizza slices are ok on the America map.

Usually I set up the games I want to play with my own aesthetic needs and I rarely play anytime when these are not met.
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Re: Game asthetics

Postby Thyrfing » 22 May 2020, 22:21

I have preferences. I think the very nice looking map together with the point-and-click interface are the biggest assets this site has. Ages ahead of the other options.
I also prefer regular icons. I didn't like the dinosaurs at all.

But that said since I don't play a lot of games I might join games with other choices as well.
I like the retro map as a throwback once in a while (since 2011 maybe I played 3 games on the retro map lol)
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