1812 Overture: 1815.08 Autumn Orders

A multi-continent game in which each player plays two countries in their attempt to win on a map centered on Europe and the North Atlantic set in 1812. Created and GM'ed by Nopunin10did

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1812 Overture: 1815.08 Autumn Orders

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 20 Jan 2017, 02:28

1815 Autumn Orders (4 retreats)

Hosted on imgur: 1815.08: Autumn Orders

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1815 Fall Adjudicated
1815 Fall Retreats due by Friday, Jan 20 @ 1930 EST (Jan 21 @ 0030 UTC)
1815 Winter Builds due by Monday, Jan 23 @ 1900 EST (2400 UTC)


- Russians & British Bring Sad End to Denmark-Norway
- Viceroy Elevates the Cádiz Cortes as Rightful Rulers of Spain
- Shawnee & Canadians Trade Blows in the Great Lakes
- Archduke Restores Catholic Monarchy to France
- Cherokee Continue Slow Northward Expansion

asu                     asudevil
    F Eng S Par H
    F Cop S Bal - Stk
    F AzC S Par H       Cut by F PoC
    F Nth - Gla
    A Par H             Dislodged by A Aqu (3v2)
    A Rup - Mwk
    F NYC - Btm         Bounced 2v2
    A All - Wap
    F GuS S NYC - Btm   Cut by F AnC
    A Phi S NYC - Btm
    A Eri S All - Wap
    F NAD S GuS H       
    A Tor S Rup - Mwk   Cut & Dislodged by A Mwk (2v1)
jus                     justy (sub for DJA)
    F Stk S Osl H       Cut & Dislodged by F Bal (2v1)
    F Osl S Stk H       Cut & Dislodged by F Nwg (2v1)
    A Mic S Mwk - Tor
    A Tip S She - Wap
    A Mwk - Tor
    A She - Wap         Bounced 2v3
767                     Jordan767
    A Pom S Hbg H
    F Nwg - Osl
    A Hnv S Hbg H
    A Hbg H
    A Ode - Crp         Bounced 1v1
    F Lap S Nwg - Osl
    F Bal - Stk
    A Chl S Btm H
    A Btm S Blu - She   Cut by F NYC
    A Ken S All - Wap
    A Blu - She         Bounced 1v1
    A Cng S Ken H
joe                     joe92
    A Pro S Aqu - Par
    A Aqu - Par
    A Lor S Aqu - Par
    A Ven - Bav
    A Fra H
    F Adr - Ion
    A Bud - Crp         Bounced 1v1
    New Spain
    A Oza H
    F AnC - GuS         Bounced 1v2
    F CaC - Cad
    F PoC - AzC         Bounced 1v1
    A GrP S Oza H


    A Par               Bri, Net, or Disband
    A Tor               Mon, Rup, Hur, Nia, Ont, Ung, Sup, or Disband

jus-Denmark             (Eliminated)
    F Osl               Nth, Ska, or Disband
    F Stk               Fin, Ska, or Disband


asu-Britain             ???

asu-Canada              ???

jus-Denmark-Norway      ??? (Eliminated)       

jus-Shawnee             2 Disbands

767-Russia              2 Builds

767-Cherokee            1 Build

joe-Austria             2 Builds

joe-New Spain           1 Build


Player-Power    EU  NA  Total
asu-Britain     4
asu-Canada          9 
asu                     13
ILI                     0
nan                     0
jus-Denmark     0            (Eliminated)   
jus-Shawnee         2
jus                     2
767-Russia      9
767-Cherokee        6
767                     15
joe-Austria     9
joe-New Spain   1   5
joe                     15

Hosted on imgur: 1815.09: Autumn Equinox
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Re: 1812 Overture: 1815.08 Autumn Orders

Postby asudevil » 20 Jan 2017, 02:36

Retreat RUP and NET
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