Fall 7AD Orders

A game in which players accumulate points to alter past orders. Designed and GM'ed by Marsman57. Ended in a 3 way draw shared by EpicDim (Egypt), Aeschines (Greece), and Nanooktheeskimo (Rome)

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Fall 7AD Orders

Postby marsman57 » 27 Sep 2016, 04:37

Sorry for the delay on getting these orders adjudicated. I was able to get the majority of it done Saturday morning, but then the weekend got away from me after that. Anyway, there are no retreats so we can move straight into builds and sadly discover that both Carthage and Persia are without units. They will earn no TT points this round, but may use existing points if they want to try to leverage themselves back into the game.

Builds due 9/28 at 0300 UTC (9/27 2300 EDT).

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Rome (red) - nanooktheeskimo - TT Points: 5
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
Cir to Pha - Resolved
Num S Cir to Pha - Resolved
Sah S Cir to Pha - Resolved
GOT to LIB - Bounced 1v1
AUS to MES - Bounced 1v1
Sic to TYN - Resolved
Tha S Num H - Resolved
Car to Tha - Bounced 1v1
Epi to ION - Resolved
Ill to Ven - Illegal order, no unit in Ill
Ven to Dal - Resolved
BER H - Resolved
ADR H - Resolved

Carthage (blue) - I Love Italy - TT Points: 1.5
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
No units

Greece (green) - Aeschines - TT Points: 11
TT Orders:
Spring 6AD: (3 points)
Byz - Mil

Spring 7AD: (3 points)
Sip - Arm
Mil - Aeg
Mac - Ill
Current Orders:
Cil - Sid - Bounced 1v1
Cap - Ant - Resolved
Min s Cre hold - Resolved
Arm s Dam hold - Resolved
Dam s Cap - Ant - Resolved
Mac - Ath - Resolved
Aeg s Cre hold - Cut

Persia (gray) - ferdy0 - TT Points: 3
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
Byz HOLD - Illegal order, no unit in Byz

Egypt (yellow) - EpicDim - TT Points: 5
TT Orders:
Current Orders:
Ant - Dam - Bounced 2v2, dislodged from cap 2v1, auto-disbanded no retreat available
Ara S Ant - Dam - Resolved
Sid - Ant - Bounced 1v1
syr - sid - Bounced 1v1
cil - min - Illegal order, no unit in Cil
egy - cre - Bounced 1v2
lib s egy - cre - Cut
mes - aeg - Bounced 1v1
mar s lep - Resolved
ale - egy - Bounced 1v1
dam - arm - Illegal order, no unit in Dam

Rome 14 SCs 13 units 1 build
Greece 10 SCs 8 units 2 builds
Egypt 10 SCs 10 units 0 builds
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