Warring States (7/7)

Variant set in Ancient China created by Samy Elias. Includes unique rules for walls and fleets. GM'ed by Morg

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Warring States (7/7)

Postby Morg » 25 May 2015, 21:20

Are you ready for this? A 7 player variant set in ancient China, with great walls and fleet fortress rules.

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There are 39 Supply Centres; 18 are needed to win. If there is a tie at 18, play continues until one power has more than the other, or until a draw is agreed on. Game starts in 450BC.

There are a few rules that are a little bit different. I'll explain below, but also feel free to consult the original explanation on DipWiki. It includes charts.
We'll start easy. You only build armies (more on that later). You can build in anyone's home center provided that you own it and it's vacant.

Provinces with walls are harder to attack if occupied; attacks or supports into the province (if occupied) are affected if they go over the walled border.
1. Attacks against a province with a wall are reduced by one in strength if:
a) the province is occupied by an opponent's unit at the start of the turn, AND
b) the attack goes across the fortified border, or is supported from across the fortified border by another unit.
This is not cumulative; the strength cannot be reduced by more than one for a single attack.
2. Support Hold orders are not affected by fortified borders.
3. A unit's attacks are never affected by walls in its own province.
4. Attacks or supports for attacks on your own units over walls are not affected by the wall (for the purposes of self-standoffs).
5. An attack reduced to zero strength cannot cut support. (So an army attacking over a wall with no support cannot cut support.)

So to sum up, Walls only come into play when attacking an occupied territory that has a wall along it's border with the attacking or attack-supporting unit. The attack is then reduced by one. Walls don't affect the units of the occupying power. A attack of zero doesn't cut any supports.

A little more goes into this one.
Fleets are upgraded from Armies, and can revert back to Armies:
1. Fleets cannot be built in the adjustment phase. Instead Armies are upgraded to Fleets using the Raise order during a movement phase (eg. "Army Ji Raise Fleet", or "A Ji R F"). This is treated as a Hold order for support purposes (units can support it as if it were holding).
2. A Fleet can only be raised on a coastal or river province.
3. If a unit using the Raise order is dislodged, the Raise order fails. Otherwise, the Army is replaced with a Fleet.
4. Fleets can move to, support into, and retreat to sea areas, coastal provinces, or along rivers.
5. There is no convoy order.
6. If a Fleet attempts to move, retreat, or support to a province that it could only move to as an Army, it reverts back into an Army. The reverted Army then carries out the order. If such a support order fails because the support order did not match the move order of the supported unit, this still counts as an attempted support. If the order is completely invalid (improper syntax, province names, invalid targets, etc.) it is NOT considered an attempt, since the unit is effectively given a hold order.

To sum up, you can't build fleets, you convert armies into fleets. The conversion takes a season and can be interrupted by a successful attack. Don't try to convoy. If you give a fleet an order that can only be carried out by an army, the fleet will convert into an army and attempt to carry it out in the same season.

Floating Fortress
Fleets on a river get a special bonus from powerful castle ships:
1. A Fleet in a river province or sea area issuing a move or support order targetting a neighbouring river province (*not* a sea area) does so with a strength of 2.
2. A Fleet on a river defends with a strength of 2.
3. A Fleet supporting using the Floating Fortress bonus can have its support cut, but only by an amount equal to strength of the strongest cutting attack. So, a one-strength attack on a Floating Fortress that is supporting cuts only one strength worth of support, leaving one remaining. A two-strength attack will cut the full 2 strength support. Two one-strength attacks will only cut one strength of support. In keeping with the spirit of the original Diplomacy rules, a unit's supports do not contribute to cutting supports for attacks on itself.

To sum up, fleets on rivers are twice as powerful, they defend with 2, when attacking a river from a river or sea (not coastal) territory they attack with 2 and cut 2 supports. You'll need to cut 2 supports (using a supported attack on the fleet) to negate the supports of a fleet supporting in that situation.

Rapid River Movement
Fleets can make a Rapid River Move, which allows fast travel along rivers, but at zero strength:
1. Fleets can perform a special type move called an Rapid River Move. This allows a Fleet to move up to 3 spaces in one move turn, into consecutive river spaces. The move can start or end on a sea space (all other spaces involved being river spaces). eg. Bo Hai -> Linzi -> Diqui -> Wei is valid, as is the reverse; so is Xianyang -> Anyi -> Luoyang -> Zheng. However Korea Bay -> Bo Hai -> Linzi -> Diqui is not valid.
2. Rapid River Moves have zero strength while moving. If a failed Rapid River Move forces a Fleet to remain at its starting point, it defends with its normal strength (2 in river provinces, 1 everywhere else). However, since it has attempted a move, it cannot receive supports to hold.
3. Fleets using Rapid River Move cannot be supported. (So their strength while moving will always be zero.)
4. A Powers' own units do not block a Fleet's Rapid River Move (exception: other fleets using Rapid River Move, see below). The final target destination must be vacant (after other orders are resolved) for the move to succeed. All intervening spaces must either be vacant or occupied by friendly units after all other orders are resolved. Spaces where a stand off has occurred involving at least one opponent's unit block a Rapid River move. The first intervening space along the route that fails these conditions stops the movement short; the Fleet is then left at the last vacant space that it could move through, after other orders are resolved. If this would leave the Fleet at its starting space, it is vulnerable to being attacked and/or dislodged.
5. If multiple Fleets use Rapid River Moves, they are resolved simultaneously one space at a time to check for interference. A stand off between two Fleets Rapid River Moving can occur; Fleets using Rapid River Move cannot pass through each other, even if from the same power.

This is the trickiest one. So to sum up, Fleets using the river can move multiple spaces (limit 3) along the river, but all rapid movement must be along the river (sea space at the mouth of the river is ok). The fleet moving rapidly moves at a strength of zero so the path must be free of conflict for it to successfully make it. Any conflict stops the fleet at the last legal space prior to conflict. Your own units don't block the fleet's movement provided there is no conflict and the fleet has a space to move past it to. If the fleet is wholely unsuccessful then it defends it's original space as normal.

Think you got it, great. If you're not quite sure, that's ok check out this link with charts near the bottom charts. You will need to understand this stuff by the time the game starts.

Other than the above, the rules are standard.

-Countries will be assigned by blind auction, so please do not discuss country preference or you will have to be kicked out
-I will try to run this on a 3/2/2 basis. I'll send out 24hr reminders for all phases.
-Whenever possible I will run speed deadlines. If you want your orders treated as provisional, please clearly mark them as such.
-Any NMR during bids, 1st year Spring or Fall warrants immediate replacement.
-Any 2 consecutive (includes retreats and builds) or 3 total NMRs warrants replacement
-Check my adjudications, any error not caught within 1 season will not be fixed retroactively, but any error caught before moving on to the next season will be fixed and additional time granted as necessary.

Sign ups are now open.
1. Zurn -
2. MadeofMeat -
3. JonS -
4. AardvarkArmy -
5. Imago Dei -
6. Gavrilo Princip -
7. KingSolomon9 -

1. Anaupr
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Re: Warring States (1/7)

Postby asudevil » 25 May 2015, 21:32

Ill consider it...depends...lots to look/think about.
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Re: Warring States (1/7)

Postby zurn » 25 May 2015, 22:06

Hi everyone; this is my variant. I've run it only once before, so it's nice to get another playtest in. Don't worry, just because I designed it doesn't mean I'm extra good at it. :) Thanks Morg for noticing it and offering to run it.

I noticed I've somehow left a mistake in the wall rules all this time. The phrase "(also an opponent's unit, not your own)" shouldn't be there; the "opponent" is supposed to be the unit defending behind a wall, but somehow that got switched around in the parentheses. Please see the examples at the bottom of the the linked rules on Dipwiki, they should clear things up.

Here are some commonly mistaken rules:

- Raising a Fleet counts as a hold, and is not stopped unless dislodged; so you can raise a fleet while being supported, and while under (failed) attack.
- Walls only protect the unit that's in the same province as the wall, not the province on the other side. Think of them as being owned only by that province. Or, think of them as only effective in one direction (into the province that owns the wall).
- The wall still offers protection if the unit in the walled province moves away; remember the condition is that the unit *starts* the turn there.
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Re: Warring States (1/7)

Postby Malevolence » 25 May 2015, 22:18

This looks awesome, although I'm hurt to see Sun Tzu's own province as a mere neutral to be conquered when historically it obliterated its larger neighbor Chu. :(
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Re: Warring States (1/7)

Postby zurn » 25 May 2015, 22:24

Well, to be fair, Sun Tzu died about 50 years before the Warring States period, and Wu's power had waned by then. But still, interesting tidbit. :) I read a bunch about the period while designing this, but I'm far from an expert on the subject.
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Re: Warring States (1/7)

Postby HighCheese » 26 May 2015, 02:16

I'm in for this one!
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Re: Warring States (2/7)

Postby JonS » 05 Jun 2015, 17:45

I would love to try.

Not picking up any normal playdip games going into the summer but my forum games have been great...and this looks neat. (And I have a feeling my run in Excalibur is about over as it is!)
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Re: Warring States (2/7)

Postby Pedros » 07 Jun 2015, 10:10

Only thing I'd say is that I've never understood this "To win get 18 out of 38 SCs" thing. It's like 1900 Dip, and it never made sense to me there either.

But each to their own.
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Re: Warring States (2/7)

Postby AardvarkArmy » 08 Jun 2015, 05:49

I'm interested - the fleets and walls sound like a great twist

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Re: Warring States (2/7)

Postby zurn » 08 Jun 2015, 23:39

Pedros wrote:Only thing I'd say is that I've never understood this "To win get 18 out of 38 SCs" thing. It's like 1900 Dip, and it never made sense to me there either.

But each to their own.

I admittedly didn't have a very strong reason for this; given that a majority (20) isn't too far from 18 anyways, I should probably just make it a majority.
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