Need a Replacement (and looking for reserves)

The Qualifying Tournament for the Playdip Open Championship, open to non-Premium players.

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Need a Replacement (and looking for reserves)

Postby rick.leeds » 31 May 2015, 13:32

I'm looking for a replacement player in the POC.

At present there are two games:
- in one, the game has started and is in Fall 1902. The deadline will be extended if needed. The player NMRed in Spring 1902 but it is a recoverable position.
- in the second, it is Spring 1901 and the game needs re-starting due to protection against an NMR being in place (which is why I am removing the player from the first round game).

Additionally, the final Qualifying Round gamestart will be sent out next weekend.

The replacement will therefore be in all three qualifying rounds.

I've sent PMs to the two reserves I have and, if I get a reply within the next couple of days, I'll use a reserve. However, if I don't get a reply before I have to extend the deadline in the First Round game, I'll open the position up to anyone.

The POC Qualifying Competition is open to non-premiums and premium members. However, premium members will be given the opportunity to enter the POC 'proper' once qualifying is over so this would probably suit a non-premium member. Your active games count isn't important: you'll use a specially created Schools account to enter the games.

If you're interested, please PM me rather than replying below. If you get in touch and then a reserve takes the position up, I'll add you to the reserves list.
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