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Spring 1903 Retreats!

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2009, 08:44
by Aeschines
Hmmm... So i only received orders from three of you... IF i'm worng and i lost it, i'll fix it... but. Wow. Shameful. :-(

Treb -> Con (success!) :D
M.E. -> Syr (bounce!) :( (ONLY BOUNCE IN ENTIRE SEASON!)
Rum -> Gal (success!) :D

W.R. -> Ukr (success!) :D
Az S W.R. -> Ukr (success!) :D
Kal -> War (success!) :D
War -> Bar (success!) :D
Kon S War -> Bar (success!) :D
R.S. S War -> Bar (success!) :D
St. Pete -> Kal (success!) :D
Mos -> St. Pete (success!) :D

(ENGLAND), North sea:

North sea move Hel (success!) :D
Scotland move North sea (success!) :D
Holland move Hanover (success!) :D
Hes support Holland to Hanover (success!) :D
London hold (failure...) :evil:

Ska move Kol (success!) :D

Saxony support Ska to Kol (to remind you, its in Ska not in Hel :)) (success!) :D
Wurzburg move Bohemia (success!) :D
Bavaria support Wurzburg to Bohemia (success!) :D

(ENGLAND) Itlian front,
Sardinia move tyrr sea (success!) :D
Napels move Dalmatia (success!) :D
ADR coveny Napels to Dalmatia (success!) :D
Pap support savoy to Venice (success!) :D

Thanks dude! +20 points!

Marseilles M Gulf of Lyons (success!) :D
South Atlantic Ocean M West Mediterranean (success!) :D
Savoy M Venice (success!) :D
Tyrolia Support Naples M Dalmatia (success!) :D
Tuscany support the women's suffrage movement (ummm.. about 200 years too early... but eventual success!) :mrgreen:
Paris M Marseilles (success!) :D
Belgium glare longingly at the empty and defenseless palatinate. (hungry!) :o
Swiss M Savoy (success!) :D
Burgundy M Swiss (success!) :D

West Mediterranean M Bay of Tunis (success!) :D
South Mediterranean M Syria (bounce!) :( (ONLY BOUNCE IN ENTIRE SEASON!)
Libya M Egypt (success!) :D
Tunisia M Libya (success!) :D

Retreats needed from:
Prussia: (3) Han, Kol, Ukr
Austria: (1) Boh

RETREATS DUE BY: 11:59 PST THIS MONDAY! And get your orders in!!!! :cry:

Re: Spring 1903 Retreats!

PostPosted: 07 Sep 2009, 15:05
by deanchuk
Wow... poor Prussia :cry:

Re: Spring 1903 Retreats!

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2009, 18:41
by deanchuk
Come on! send orders!
Lorde, seems that Prussia and Austria dont even want to finish the game ok....
Im ok with finish the game now with France me and Russia as winners....

Re: Spring 1903 Retreats!

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2009, 19:56
by Aeschines
They haven't sent in any orders (and on top of that my computer crashed :/)

So i'm thinking that yea, we'll either need to get a new 2 (or 1 really, with prussia defunct) players or just call it a draw. What i'll do is have you last three, ENGLAND FRANCE and RUSSIA pm me with their response to a 3 way draw.