World Influence Draw #1 [REJECTED]

Large-scale game on a world map, with major and minor powers. Created and GMd by asudevil.

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Re: World Influence Draw #1

Postby VGhost » 02 Jun 2015, 00:09

Er, what?

I'm very pleased to see the DIAS principle upheld, but there seems to be quite a bit of play left in the game. Proportionally this would be about a 5-player draw in the standard game - almost always a premature ending. Further, there several powers still active who either have committed little to nothing to the game's action so far or its final resolution, or are in the last stages of losing their place, or both; and on either count these don't deserve a place at the table.

I must therefore, with all respect to the motives of the United Kingdom, decline the draw.
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