Large-scale game on a world map, with major and minor powers. Created and GMd by asudevil.

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Re: Mega-DVFG

Postby asudevil » 08 Jan 2015, 10:29

Its done...but I was waiting until the 8th for BigBert anyway because he has a long travel day...I sent him a message so I know when he picks it up...he has internet again.

Everyone (but one player) got a top 3 pick...One player got pick #4...It looks like they probably won't go out until tonight...then I can have the IP bidding deadline on Monday night (4 days)...and the first order season done Sunday night (6days)
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Re: Mega-DVFG

Postby Stanislaw » 14 Jan 2015, 04:36

Asudevil, I signed up back on p.7 of the thread, looks like you missed me-mind throwing me down for reserves?
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