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Postby Lord_Galahad » 15 Jan 2019, 11:42

I'm sure the answer to this is going to end up being obvious. However, the game is telling me that I have one retreat, but I can't seem to locate the unit that needs to retreat. It doesn't seem very obvious/user friendly, either on the map or anywhere else I'm looking for the information.

Can someone please point me to the easiest way to tell which of my units needs to retreat?
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Re: Retreats

Postby hedge trimmer » 15 Jan 2019, 11:56

Some of the unit graphics can make retreats a bit hard to spot, so I know that feeling.

Perhaps you can go through the order history and look through your orders. One of them should mention that they have been dislodged.

Example: "Munich SUPPORT Burgundy to Ruhr -> Dislodged by A Ruhr - Munich"

Another way to do it might be to use the "Menu-based order entry", which is located right side under the map.
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Re: Retreats

Postby Strategus » 15 Jan 2019, 13:32

Click on the "orders" button at the top if the screen, and it should list the units you have to order in any phase.
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Re: Retreats

Postby super_dipsy » 15 Jan 2019, 17:53

There is also another feature you might find useful. In the My Account section (top right next to the Log Out button) you will see a Game Display option to show units / ownership info on hover. If you check this, then whenever you move the cursor (if you have one) over the territory, it will tell you what units are there, who they belong to and who has to retreat etc.. It is intended for people struggling with colour distinctions, but many players use it anyway!
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