New Draws handling for PlayDiplomacy (2014)

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New Draws handling for PlayDiplomacy (2014)

Postby super_dipsy » 18 Aug 2014, 06:45

Draws handling has always been a little eccentric on PlayDip, confusing many. Also, there has been a long-running requirement (recently revived) for a 'secret ballot' format of draws where voting is secret.There has also been a long-running Suggestion for a way to run Solo-only games where there are no draws allowed at all. This latest set of changes covers all these areas.

Draws expiry
We get frequent questions about when a draw expires, an the previous system was indeed pretty confusing. We are now changing this for new draw proposals; existing ones in place before the code changes may be a little unpredictable in terms of when they expire, but this should sort itself out pretty quickly. With the new system, it is really pretty simple; the idea is that a draw proposal should be open for a minimum of ONE FULL ORDERS PHASE (Note that in the context of this post, 'Orders phase' means a Spring or Fall movement phase up to the point phase processing starts, and does not include Build or Retreat phases). This means that (assuming no NMR!) everyone will get a chance to see the proposal before it expires. So what this means is
- Draw proposals always expire at the end of an Orders Phase (ie as soon as the game STARTS processing the turn)
- A draw proposal made during an Orders Phase expires at the end of the following Orders Phase
- A draw proposal made at any other time will expire at the end of the next Orders Phase

Draws and surrendered powers
Draw approval requires the approval of all the powers left in the game to be accepted. But what if someone surrenders?
- Whenever a player approves a draw, a check is made to see if there are any other live and un-surrendered powers to accept, and if not the draw is processed
- After each phase, the same check is made during orders resolution to cover the possibility that the last hold-out surrendered during the phase
- Note that auto-surrenders happen after the phase (during phase processing) and therefore a proposal expiring this phase does so BEFORE any auto-surrenders are applied

New Draws section in Create / Join / Active / Archived pages
Draw information is grouped together when creating or looking for a game. So the previous DIAS option has moved to join the new options.
The options that are available now are:
1. Draw Proposal type
2. Draw Voting selection
3. No draws allowed at all (NOTE: This 'solo-only' option is NOT AVAILABLE FOR RANKED GAMES)

Draw Proposal type
You can chose between the following two options:
- Choose countries in draw (non-DIAS)
- All survivors in draw (this replaces the old DIAS option but does the same thing)

Draw Voting selection
You can choose between:
- Open Ballot (the way we do voting today)
- Secret Ballot (Explained below)

No draws allowed
Fairly self-explanatory. With this option selected, there are no draws of any sort allowed. The game is played until one player has achieved the necessary victory conditions (eg 18 SCs in the standard game). This option is not available for ranked games because it would distort the scoring system significantly, since every game would end in a solo win. But it does allow for example Solo-only tournaments or community games.

Introducing Secret Ballot draw voting
The basic principle of secret ballot voting is that no-one knows how any country has voted on a draw proposal. This introduces different tactical considerations for draw handling from the open ballot system we currently use. Here is how our implementation works:

1. Propose draw in normal manner - NOTE: While VOTING is secret, the PROPOSER is still identified!
2. Unlike with the current open ballot system, the proposer does NOT automatically accept the proposal - NOTE: Remember, if you want to accept you must do so manually!
3. Players will see the draw proposal on the Statistics tab, but it will not show any voting
4. If you have not voted, you will have the normal option. If you have voted, your vote is shown but just for YOU
5. If the proposal is rejected by someone, you will not be asked to vote but you will only see the proposal has been rejected, not who rejected it
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Re: New Draws handling for PlayDiplomacy (2014)

Postby super_dipsy » 18 Aug 2014, 06:51


Draw offers on Playdip enable a game to be finished before someone achieves 18 centres (or the required total on other maps) with the agreement of all remaining players in the game. When a game finishes in a draw, players who are part of the draw offer gain points on a sliding scale depending how many players are involved.

1. Draws cannot be proposed until Spring 1905 (or the equivalent number of turns in other variants), and cannot be made at all if the game is solo-only
2. A Draw is proposed by clicking on the Statistics tab in the game display, selecting the countries you wish to include in the draw proposal (that is, who will share the draw) and clicking Propose Draw
3. If the game has the DIAS option on, then ALL draw offers include ALL remaining players in the offer (ie excluding eliminated or surrendered countries). If not DIAS, then the only players 'included' in the draw are those specified; in addition, although your own country is selected by default, you can uncheck this if you want to propose a draw in which you are not inlcuded
4. Once a draw is proposed, all other active players will see their Statistics tab light up, and they will be offered an option to accept or reject the offer
5. If any active player rejects the draw offer, it is dead
6. Draw offers last until the end of the FOLLOWING Orders Phase. The expiry date is listed in the draw proposal details. If all active players do not accept the draw within the time period, the draw offer is dead
7. If an offer was made and one active player had not responded but subsequently is eliminated (0 units, 0 centres) or surrenders within the offer period, then this country's agreement is no longer required
8. If all active countries agree to the draw proposal before it expires, the draw offer is enacted and the game is finished
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