Last Game in the early 90's...

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Last Game in the early 90's...

Postby moser000 » 07 Nov 2020, 22:32

Hi... Was quite into Diplomacy back in the late 80's... Worked at Digital Equipment Corporation where we had a VAX Notes Forum that ran games with players all over the world... Was feeling nostalgic and found this site, so hoping I can dust off my board and get involved in a game! Looking forward to giving it a go... Must admit my first look over this site I found it a little confusing as to how to get started; but for me would be interested in a game with no variant rules and a slower pace (i.e. not like a turn every day - more like weekly...)

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Last Game in the early 90's...

Postby Malarky » 07 Nov 2020, 23:14

Welcome to the site.

Slow games are good, too - so ask and ye shall receive.

Go to the Games tab, select Join Game, and - if you like - enter 185172 "Game number" box, then hit search. I've set the deadlines at 7 days for the Negotiation/Orders phase, 3 days each for Retreats and Adjustments (simply to reduce the amount of time for correspondence in those phases. It also has the finalization option just because you may find that 7 days may be a little too long (the Spring 1901 phase will last 14 days if it goes on that long). I'll advertise it in the FIND A GAME section of the Forum, too, as it could be tough to fill with that length of deadline.

I've already joined because, with a deadline length that long, even if I'm back at work (not for a week yet) I'll be able to make time to message people.

EDIT: There you go. Advertised.
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Re: Last Game in the early 90's...

Postby JimHacker » 29 Jan 2021, 20:25

My first game of Diplomacy was in the late 1990s but I have only ever played sporadically since then. Which is odd because I own three different sets!

I too don't look much for variants.

good luck! Maybe we'll cross paths in a game some time :)
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