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Re: Back on PlayDip!

Postby joe92 » 18 Jul 2017, 17:49

Ok, I managed to find the time to get the redraw done much earlier than expected, buuuut, I can't run it till September at the earliest. I will be running this in September though. That I can do. Hope to see you all join then!
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Re: Back on PlayDip!

Postby sinnybee » 29 Aug 2017, 01:32

BigBert wrote:Well, the title pretty much says it all: I'm back on PlayDip. It's been a couple years since I last played diplomacy to any serious extent. But, like any good addiction, it never really goes away completely, and when I stumbled upon my diplomacy board game in a box a while ago I couldn't resist the temptation to get playing again.

Most of you probably have no idea who I am, but those of you who do remember me: good to see you all again.

I'm now in two main-site games, but I'd also be up for a variant on the forum. Having GM'ed several games, including the 35-player World War IV back in 2011/12, I would now really love play one of those "mammoth games". i.e. big map, 10+ players, etc. Keep me posted if any of them starts any time soon!

Wow, that 35-player World War IV... it's been so long ago now. I enjoyed being your assistant GM for that, including calculating country selection preferences at the start, sending out reminders for players to put in orders, trying to figure out substitutions, etc. You did such a great job as GM of that! Such an accomplishment--so much work you must have put in.
Glad to see you come back! Other than a game I joined by accident lol, I just started playing Diplomacy this morning (here) for the first time in 3 years.
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