New colors on usernames

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New colors on usernames

Postby willie23 » 09 Feb 2019, 19:09


I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering what the deal is with the new green color on some players usernames. May I ask what the cause of this is?

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Re: New colors on usernames

Postby Woolgie » 09 Feb 2019, 19:33

Specifically, this signifies that the user is an accredited GM.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a clarifying list of all colour usage though.
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Re: New colors on usernames

Postby UFO Fever » 10 Feb 2019, 02:38

My guess was Mods.

Do mods have their own color? If no, why not?
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Re: New colors on usernames

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 10 Feb 2019, 05:35

Mods used to have a badge, not sure what happened to that.
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