A sad announcement

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Re: A sad announcement

Postby Guns of Brixton » 26 Aug 2020, 19:01

I played two games with Shyvve 3 years ago and remember him very well. Frustratingly the site no longer keeps the messages from those games (I'm sure for very good reasons of the costs of storage) so I cannot relive our conversations but they were many and he left a great impression of being a fine player and a better man. RIP
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Re: A sad announcement

Postby Pope Pius IX » 28 Aug 2020, 12:22

Such a shame. I played a game with him last year; we shared a three-way draw with Shyvve as Italy, myself as Germany and AdmiralMotti as Austria. Likewise, I can't access the messages (not a complaint, just an observation) but I remember thinking he was a guy I could learn from.

Rest in Peace.
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Re: A sad announcement

Postby Pete the Great » 02 Sep 2020, 10:47

I was fortunate to play with Tom twice. The first was in an oldies game shortly after I joined the site. We had many great conversations, he was France and I Austria. Our second meeting was in my first SuperPastis round, though I did not know it was him until the game ended. Tom top boarded as Germany while I survived as France. He was gracious in victory and assisted me in recovering one of my home centers from England. Something unheard of in that tournament. RIP Tom, you will be missed.
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