The Polity of Tarach

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The Polity of Tarach

Postby Telleo » 03 Apr 2019, 22:04

The Polity of Tarach

Religion: Polytheism, specifics vary, but a general reverence for the sun/fire as a chief deity figure, usually called Tarach.
Named gods:
Tarach (God of the Sun and of Fire and of Light)
Thereia (Goddess of Water, Rivers, and Lakes)
Delwar (God of the Earth, the Comforting Cold, and of Living Things)
Morraine (Goddess the Woods and Growing Things)
Sethhaire (Goddess of the Air, the Moon, and Healing of the Mind)
Erech (God of Song, Dance, Art, Poetry, Prose, and Healing of the Soul)
Morchai (God of Deep Places, Storms, Sea, and Healing of the Body)
Dwarrowmere (God of the Dark, the Night, and the Stars)
Mirromai (God of Treachery, Ice, Magic, and Bitter Cold)
Talmar (God of Friendship, Agreements, Trade, and Travel)

Government: A federation of three mostly independent nations, Dwarrowmere, Mirromai, and Morraine. The three nation/clans each have three representatives that advise an elected Archon, currently Telleo of Clan Dwarrowmere. In addition, although not a formal part of the Polity, the itinerant Morchai Clan also has three representatives on the council, and there are also three representatives of the orcish tribes now living in the highlands. This "Council of Fifteen" serves as advisors and executives of the nations' interests. The Archon is responsible for negotiating between the nations, and for representing their interests (alongside the council) to the other nations of the world.

Leader: Archon Telleo

The clan heads are named as follows:
Mothos of Clan Morraine
Belcho of Clan Dwarromere
Denech of Clan Mirrormai
Morde of Clan Morchai

Primary Race: Sky Elves (Tarachi)
Mental Strength: 5
Physical Strength: 2
Magical Strength: 5
Life Expectancy: 5
Technology: 1

Secondary Races: Khajjari Orcs, led by Matron Galdris:
Mental Strength: 5
Physical Strength: 6
Magical Strength: 1
Life Expectancy: 2
Technology: 5

Population: ~150,000 Tarachi, ~50,000 Khajjari

Military: No formal armed forces. The clans defend themselves with local militias, skirmishers, and ambushers. The orcish tribes represent a more powerful army, but that too is not in service to any federal power. Most Tarachi warriors rely on bows, spears, and knives, and fight in simple shield wall formations.

Cities and Clans:

The town Morraine (named for the Goddess of the Woods) lies deep within the forested area in the west of the nation, and is the home of the Morraine clan. These sheltered farmers/hunters are responsible for much of the building material used by the clans, tending to the growth of their forest, and supplying logs and wood supplies to the Federation. The gardens of Morraine are said to be breathtakingly beautiful, but few outsiders are allowed within their groves.

Further north, in the inland mountains on the northern stretch of the continent, lie the caves of the Dwarrowmere, named for the God of the Dark. These craftsmen and miners provide the mineral wealth of the Federation, and are responsible for the construction and maintenance of not only their own stronghold, but for the main defenses of the other clans as well. Their professions of creating, crafting, and mining make them stronger than the average Sky Elf, though that doesn't say much. These tend to be less interested in magic than the other six clans, except where it can strengthen their creations or speed their excavations. Their central city, Marach-Khûn, is a massive fortified mine, dug deep into the mountainside.

Along the banks of the River Thereia and the foothills of the highlands runs the territory of the Morchai, who take their name from the God of Deep Places. They are masters of the water, efficient sailors and fishers, and although they prefer to sail in rivers, or near to shore in the open sea, they are the primary trading peoples, responsible both for communication and trade between the three highland clans, and between the highlanders and the outside world. They man the nation's few deep-seafaring merchant vessels, as well as the more numerous river skiffs and coastal longships. Known for the constellation tattoos they ink on each new sailor, these are the classic figures most outsiders think of when they picture Sky Elves, simply because these are the Elves most likely to leave Tarach and explore the rest of the world. There is no permanent stronghold for the Morchai, nor even a set expanse of territory for a clan that prefers to be moving endlessly. When seeking Morchai, however, one can be sure there are always camps of them within easy reach of the water. Although they technically reside in the waterways of both the high and the low countries, the Morchai tend to be grouped with the highland clans, being more culturally similar to these reclusive folk.

Finally, in the cliffs of the far north reside the Mirromai. These reclusive Sky Elves take their name from the God of Ice, primary antagonist of the Tarachi gods. Although they trade and support the six clans to their south, they are more reserved and standoffish, even towards other Elves - indeed, even towards other Sky Elves. Their main focus is on magic, and in the short towers they raise along the cliffs by the sea, they are known to spend long hours staring out over the frigid northern waters, seeking some deeper understanding of the secrets of the world. They seldom travel south, and then usually only at the request of the other clans who may require their magical expertise.

These four clans, the Morraine, the Mirromai, the Dwarrowmere, and the Morchai make up the highland clans. All four tend towards written arts (poetry, prose) or visual arts (painting, pottery, and especially carving) over the performance arts beloved by the lowland clans, and all three also express great interest in mathematics and the sciences. The clans also rely on hunting meat, and growing fruits and vegetables, while their diet tends to be relatively light on grains.

Magic of the Clans:

The Mirromai are by far the most gifted magically, because they culturally tend to value study of all things magical. They will be the most willing teachers, and the most eager students, though they typically prefer to remain at home than to travel abroad. Consider them the jack-of-all-trades clan; while any individual Mirromai Elf might be particularly talented in a particular area, as a whole they will have a great breadth of knowledge vs depth in one area. If someone is seeking a partiuclar skill, it is likely that some Mirromai can help - the trick will be finding those specific elves, and knowing if/when they can no longer help you learn the deeper secrets of the craft.

The Dwarrowmere are the next most talented clan, but are exactly the opposite of the Mirromai; they disdain magical knowledge of any sort other than construction and crafting. Talented in spells that make buildings last, or kept metal hot on the forge, or move great weights from place to place with ease, they also will dabble in enchantment magic, seeing enchantments as a part of the craft work of jewling. Looking for a pendant that glamors people into seeing you in a favorable light? How about a ring that allows you to walk at great speeds with little effort? Or perhaps a tiara that shines with the aura of the moon, lending celestial radiance to its wearer? The Dwarrowmere can craft such things... but guard the secrets of their creation most jealously. Finding teachers among the Dwarrowmere clan is a very difficult thing for an outsider.

Morraine boasts a large number of growth-mages, with deep knowledge of the way living things can be made healthy and happy. Think of the Elves of Lord of the Rings; rarely seen without flourishing gardens and plentiful food. They also are both capable healers of the sick and injured. They will teach their ways to some, but typically only to outsiders they trust.

The Morchai clan possesses light amounts of magic, widespread among the clan, but diluted in strength. Morchai magic focuses on wayfinding - they never seem to be able to lose their way, and they tattoo themselves with patterns of stars and constellations that are said to help them navigate at sea. They wouldn't have a problem teaching their magic, but it would be difficult for an outsider to learn, as most Morchai would describe their magic as something they just do naturally, rather than something they study.

There will be some light overlap and of course variance based on the individual, particularly between clans that share borders; for instance, the Morraine are also skilled in construction magic, like their neighbors the Dwarrowmere, but that isn't their primary focus and the Dwarrowmere far exceed them in talent.

Here is a detailed map of the territory of the seven Clans (including the southern clans now led by Furycane in the Queendom of Meiltara)


These are the current goods, wares, and resources of the Tarachi Federation:

Food, generic:
Sustainable crops of assorted fruits and vegetables.
Goat, elk, and deer are all plentiful and are raised and hunted for food.
Food, luxury:
The trees of the Morraine include groves of fruit-bearing trees, most notably of the citrus fruit oranges. These take exceptional magical skill to grow in the temperate climate, and are considered a treat, even amongst the Tarachi themselves- selling outside the Federation is exceedingly rare.

Silver, Iron, and Coal can all be extracted from the mountains in the north, home of the Dwarrowmere Clan.
Copper and Tin are both available, and yield high-quality copper under the skillful hands of the Dwarrowmere.
Granite quarries produce the majority of the worked stone in the Federation, although such constructions are rare- most buildings rely heavily on wood.

The well-tended forests of the Morraine supply a great amount of construction-quality lumber, primarily beech, oak, cornel, and ash.

Finished products:
Weapons, primarily bows and spears, are made in large supply, and are typically durable and effective when made with cornel or ash.
Furniture, ranging from rustic to fine, is available from Dwarromere and Morraine craftsmen.
Silversmiths of the Dwarrowmere produce beautiful, if simple, jewelry, and are capable of adding inlays, engravings, and filigrees, to other products.
Artists of any of the clans may produce visual art in the form of carvings or paintings, but the Dwarrowmere Clan is most well-known for it. Pottery, especially from the Morchai, is typically very functional, but can also be highly decorative and elaborate.
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