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Postby Furycane » 29 Mar 2019, 20:31

Meiltara (The Queendom of the Sky)

Religion: Polytheism, specifics vary, but a general reverence for the sun/fire as a chief deity figure, usually called Tarach.
Named gods:
Tarach (God of the Sun and of Fire and of Light)
Thereia (Goddess of Water, Rivers, and Lakes)
Delwar (God of the Earth, the Comforting Cold, and of Living Things)
Morraine (Goddess the Woods and Growing Things)
Sethhaire (Goddess of the Air, the Moon, and Healing of the Mind)
Erech (God of Song, Dance, Art, Poetry, Prose, and Healing of the Soul)
Morchai (God of Deep Places, Storms, Sea, and Healing of the Body)
Dwarrowmere (God of the Dark, the Night, and the Stars)
Mirromai (God of Treachery, Ice, Magic, and Bitter Cold)
Talmar (God of Friendship, Agreements, Trade, and Travel)

Government: A democratic monarchy, wherein the supreme leader is elected and advised by a council of representatives. Made up of three of the clans of Tarachi (Sky Elves), each clan has three councilors, and by a unanimous vote they are able to remove the queen from power. Otherwise, the queen holds complete executive power, able to make and enforce laws and treaties as she sees fit. Technically, the name of the nation changes depending on whether a male or female is in power, from Meil-Tara (Queendom of the Sky) to Mel-Tara (Kingdom of the Sky).

Leader: Currently, Queen Furycane rules the nation. Each of the three clans has its own leader, who in addition to sitting on the Queen's council of advisors, has certain executive powers over their own clans, although all are subservient to the Queen's authority. These leaders are:

Auria of Clan Delwar
Tymion of Clan Sethhaire
Tormolin of Clan Erech

Primary Race: Sky Elves (Tarachi)
Mental Strength: 5
Physical Strength: 2
Magical Strength: 5
Life Expectancy: 5
Technology: 1

Secondary Races: No secondary races. Although visitors are allowed and well-treated, non-Elves will struggle to integrate into the tight-knit communities of the Tarachi. Other Elf sub-races will have an easier time integrating than non-Elf species, but will not be fully accepted, with rare exceptions.

Population: 500,000. Years after the conclusion of the Tarachi Civil war, Meiltara has begun to recover from the devastation it suffered.


The Royal Army: 10,000 soldiers, armed by Nidavelliri smiths.
The Tarach Guard: 2000 strong, armed by Nidavelliri smiths, an elite force that is stationed in the capital city, acting as personal guards to the Queen as well as elite shock troops.
The Returned: The capital city of Tarach is home to Lifecrafter Kallana of the Obsidian Towers, who began her work during the Tarachi Civil War. Unfortunately, major military defeats forced the Queendom to accept peace before her work could get truly underway, but now nearly 15,000 returned warriors are ready to serve the direction of the throne.
The Sethhaire clan Militia: 5000 soldiers
The Delwar clan Militia: 7000 soldiers
The Erech clan Militia: 2000 soldiers (small but typical of the non-aggressive Erech)

For a naval force, 15 longships are deployed to patrol the coasts for protection, but are not a serious threat to an organized military. Recently, larger caravel-type ships have begun construction, although the flagship vessel was destroyed in precursor action to the Tarachi Civil War.

Cities and Clans:

Tarach is the capital, located at the mouth of the Thereia (Named for the Tarachi Goddess of Water) River, on the Western shore of the inland sea. Relatively small, this is where the Archons live, along with their attendant emmisaries and representatives, and is, in addition, one of the federation's primary trade centers for contact with the outside world. Home to only about 50,000 Tarachi, it is nevertheless a walled city, one of only three real strongpoints in the nation.

The plains south of Tarach are home to the Delwar clan, who take their name from the Tarachi God of the Earth. Their principle township, Delwar, sits near the border with Urak. The Delwar are farmers and fishers, and their clan stronghold doubles as a trading post between the other clans to the north, and other kingdoms to the south. They are also among the more warlike of the clans, due to their long exposure to raids and piracy from the seas. Although not as capable on the water as the Morchai Clan of the rivers, they are nevertheless competent sailors.

Sethhaire (named for the Goddess of the Air) rests on the point north of Tarach, and is the stronghold of the Sethhaire clan, known for its fertile farmland and rich fishing shores. The plains and light woodlands of the Sethhaire territory provides most of the food for the Federation. The Sethhaire, like the Delwar, are subject to frequent raids and attacks from the coast, and are therefore no strangers to combat. Unlike the Delwar, however, the Sethhaire do not have the luxury of retreating behind walls to weather an attack - such an action would leave their fields open to pillage. They are also generally unused to seafaring, and prefer to face their foes in combat on the field. Most of the nation's militia and combat potential therefore comes from the Sethhaire.

Erech (named for the God of Song) resides on the eastern shore of Lake Erech, in the southwestern part of the country. Clan Erech, tucked inland and surrounded by the other clans, and by the Urak to the south, spends its time rather frivolously, and is the center of art and culture for the Sky Elves. Despite not being the capital, Erech's idyllic location, high concentration of gardens, theaters, and even a library, along with its easy lines of support and access by boat and horse have made it the largest of the clan strongholds, and the primary destination for most visitors to the Tarach. Known for its horses, the open plains of the Erech also produce some limited cavalry to the Tarach militia, although most Erech prefer singing and dancing to fighting.

These three clans, Erech, Sethhaire, and Delwar, are collectively known as the lowland tribes of the Tarachi Elves. They fairly are similar to each other except by profession, and are separated culturally from the highland tribes by their more welcoming attitude towards strangers, their tendency towards theater and music as forms of art, and by their reliance on a primarily fish and grain-based diet.

Along the banks of the River Thereia run the clans of the Morchai, who take their name from the God of Deep Places. They are masters of the water, efficient sailors and fishers, and although they prefer to sail in rivers, or near to shore in the open sea, they are the primary trading peoples, responsible both for communication and trade between the three clans of the Queendom and the three highland Tarachi clans, and between the Queendom and the outside world. They man the nation's few deep-seafaring merchant vessels, as well as the more numerous river skiffs and coastal longships. Known for the constellation tattoos they ink on each new sailor, these are the classic figures most outsiders think of when they picture Sky Elves, simply because these are the Elves most likely to leave Tarach and explore the rest of the world. There is no permanent stronghold for the Morchai, nor even a set expanse of territory for a clan that prefers to be moving endlessly. When seeking Morchai, however, one can be sure there are always camps of them within easy reach of the water. Although they technically reside in the waterways of both the high and the low countries, the Morchai tend to be grouped with the highland clans, being more culturally similar to these reclusive folk.

Magic of the Clans:

The Sethhaire clan boasts a large number of growth-mages, with deep knowledge of the way living things can be made healthy and happy. Think of the Elves of Lord of the Rings; rarely seen without flourishing gardens and plentiful food. They also are capable healers of the sick and injured. They will teach their ways to some, but typically only to outsiders they trust.

The Sethhaire Clan, along with the Delwar, also fields the majority of the Tarachi battle-mages. Skilled elementalists, these elves call on the storms and the sky to strike their foes, specializing in bursts of wind and bolts of lightning - the most adept are even said to be able to create miniature hurricanes, although no one's quite sure if that is true, or merely rumor. As far as teachers go, neither clan would have a particular problem teaching their skills. But given the volatile and dangerous nature of the magic they posses, they are likely to want to know the quality of an outsider's character before they agree to hand over their secrets.

The Erech clan possesses light amounts of magic, widespread among their clan, but diluted in strength. The Erech clan's magic tends to focus on glamors and illusions, primarily used for staging elaborate works of art and theater. They would be among the most willing to teach, although likely the manner of teaching would be "come work for this theater company for a few years and you'll learn everything you need to know."

There will be some light overlap between clans and of course variance based on the individual.

Here is a detailed map of the territory the seven Clans (Including the those not within the Queendom, the Dwarrowmere, Morraine, and Mirromai. The Queendom represents the right hand side of the map.)


These are the current goods, wares, and resources of Meiltara:

Food, generic:
Fertile croplands provide bountiful harvests of wheat and barley, along with sustainable crops of assorted vegetables.
Fish are farmed from rivers, lakes, and the shallow ocean. Primary catch includes salmon and cod
Food, luxury: Oyster beds off in the lakes of the Tarachi yield small, yet reasonable crops, and small, sweet-tasting crabs can be harvested at certain times of year off the Eastern coast.

Horses raised on the Erech plains are prized for speed and stamina. Not large enough to be used as true cavalry, these horses are nevertheless ideal for scouts or raiders, and are also excellent horses for show or pleasure riding.

The Delwar and Sethhaire forests are home to some good lumber, although the small size of these forests means production is fairly limited. Cornel, Ash, and Beech, and Oak are the primary woods, although using the Sethhaire growth magic can allow other kinds of trees to be produced in smaller quantities.

Finished products:
Weapons, primarily bows and spears, are made in large supply, and are typically durable and effective when made with cornel or ash.
Artists of any of the clans may produce visual art in the form of carvings or paintings, but the Erech Clan is most well-known for it. Pottery, especially from the Morchai, is typically very functional, but can also be highly decorative and elaborate.
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Re: Meiltara

Postby Keirador » 30 Mar 2019, 23:57

Man, there are really only so many fake fantasy names.
Meiltara wrote:he capital city of Tarach is home to Lifecrafter Kallana of the Obsidian Towers

Khajjar wrote:The current Speaker of the Council is Queyrha of House Kalana.

She wouldn't be an Orc, would she? Or the DnD Divine Soul Sorcerer character Queyrha Kalana is named after?
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Re: Meiltara

Postby mat.gopack » 31 Mar 2019, 00:11

Keirador wrote:Man, there are really only so many fake fantasy names.
Meiltara wrote:he capital city of Tarach is home to Lifecrafter Kallana of the Obsidian Towers

Khajjar wrote:The current Speaker of the Council is Queyrha of House Kalana.

She wouldn't be an Orc, would she? Or the DnD Divine Soul Sorcerer character Queyrha Kalana is named after?

Hey, I named mine independently of you, thank you very much. And no, I came up with her name after the very creative method of finding a name generator for necromancers and clicking 'random' until I found one I liked. :D
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