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Re: The Fantasy CYOC Tech Thread

Postby Subotai45 » 20 Mar 2019, 20:15

Super-Axe-Hacker from the lorax but pushed by oxes or mounted on a boat
SpeedyBridge - a portable and quickly-assembled bridge for river crossings
Ceramic pots that can be put in a sling and inexpensively made, so that they'd shatter and send shards flying (HFPE)
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Re: The Fantasy CYOC Tech Thread

Postby musashisamurai » 21 Mar 2019, 03:28

Advanced arrowheads (Bodkin Arrowheads (arrows that can penetrate armor), firebomb arrows (basically covered with greek fire))

Repeating Light Crossbows

Turtle Ships (high defense, offense through the figurehead and artillery weapons. Will eventually comprise a majority of teh Iron Fleet)
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Re: The Fantasy CYOC Tech Thread

Postby beadsman » 21 Mar 2019, 17:02

beadsman wrote:-Fireslinger (a mechanism roughly the size of a cannon capable of spewing burning oil across a relatively large area) - the specifics are in PM
-Burning oil tunnel traps
-The concept of banks

After 4 years, these are all done.
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Re: The Fantasy CYOC Tech Thread

Postby mat.gopack » 01 Apr 2019, 15:04

New pikes, siege weapons, and improved water wheels are beginning to be used in the Obsidian towers.

New research is beginning into:
Lifecrafter Armor - with the increase in lifecrafter activity on the battlefield and abroad, dangerous situations require better armor. Lifecrafter armor will be designed to be light, worn under their robes, and of high quality/expensive.

Improved Roads - improvements in our road building techniques, especially in hilly/mountainous terrain, are always useful.

Fortification Improvements - new research and design of city & fort/strongpoint defenses, spurred by the skirmishes to the east.
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