Dib's Alternative Classicist League and Cup 2018 2019

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Dib's Alternative Classicist League and Cup 2018 2019

Postby dib » 09 Nov 2018, 14:41


Post you classicist results from 2018/2019 here
if you want to be considered for an invitational game to round off the year if there is enough interest in that.

Qualifying Games
1. Any game that finishes between 01st of Jan/18 and 31st August 19 AND
2. Any game that at outset contains ONLY classicist at the outset AND
3. Any game that has longer deadlines than 12 hours
NB: Pure Dip or any 'balanced' Variant can be admitted by application a list will be provided here after discussion. Apologies because . I dont know enough about all the variants.

I will use an entirely arbitrary weighted scoring system such as this as suggested by Strategus recently in a car park in Derby. So if you have problems please pm him to discuss at length.

Solo 12 Points
2 Way Draw 3 points
3 Way Draw 2 Points
4 Way Draw 1 Points
5 Way Draw 0.5 Points
6 Way Draw 0 Points
7 Way Draw -2 points
Defeat Survival 0 Points
Defeat Elimination 0 Points
Joining a game if someone else quits 1 points

NB: No 12 Hours deadline games will count.
Balance and play tested Variants will count but only if they are classicist only players (strict)
Please apply to register your variant prior to the commencement of match otherwise it may not be considered and you may not like me anymore.

If you would like to be included post your result here with link to the game, the list of participants and the verification that all players were classicists (gatekeeper name) . All games that meet criteria considered.

Round 1 will end of Aug 31 2019 so all games that have ended in 2018/2019 considered.
Final Play Round will then commence. If there is a tie for entry then it will be player who had shown most dedication and style over year.

During playoff, there will be gold silver and bronze medals presented to top 3 players based on centre count and result. If tie No award was given. So if its a 3 way result in final 3 bronze medal no overall winner. Etc.. Etc..

Any Suggestions/Questions about format/discussion should be posted in a separate link to keep this thread free of chat.

This may not be perfect but I think we need to do something so please support it
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