Warhammer: Spring 2526

Five player variant map based on the Warhammer world of Games Workshop. Created by ErikVerhoeve and GMd by Stanislaw. Winner: Chaos (bluecuillin)

Warhammer: Spring 2526

Postby Stanislaw » 02 May 2014, 15:39

The Empire has fallen! In the Empire's final moments Emperor Erik fought a valiant defense with his reiksguard knights, but they could not stand against the massive horde of chaos forces, and the emperor himself fell to the god like might of chaos lord Bluecillin. The Bretonnians were also at the scene, but with the Telian army helping the forces of Chaos they knew they could not take the city. Elsewhere little happened in the Old World.


One auto disband in Altdorf and no retreats so we go right onto the fall 2526 phase. Orders are due Sunday, May 4th, 23:00GMT

Forces of Chaos
a ere - ald [resolved]
a mid support a ere - ald [resolved]
a ost - ere [resolved]
a gor-khp [resolved]
a nul support a ere-ald [resolved]
a wis support a nul hold [resolved]
a kar - mor [resolved]
a vor - kar [resolved]
a zha - gor [resolved]
a bar support a gor - khp [resolved]

A Magritta Hold [resolved]
A Forest of Loren Support A Erengrad -> Altdorf [resolved]
A Remas -> Lagoon of Tears [resolved]
A Styratia Hold [resolved]
A Khemri Hold [resolved]
F Sea of Chaos -> Southern Sea [resolved]
F Sea of Claw Support A Erengrad -> Altdorf [resolved]

Massif Orcal-Altdorf [bounced]
Marienburg S Massif Orcal-Altdorf [supported unit has failed]
A Quinelles S Marienburg H [resolved]
F Bilbali-Borledaux [resolved]

The Empire
A Alt - H [dislodged, destroyed]
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Re: Warhammer: Spring 2526

Postby ErikVerhoeve » 02 May 2014, 15:46

It was nice to play! Pity (for me) it turned out this way. The emperor, who is hiding in an unknown place, salutes you!

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Re: Warhammer: Spring 2526

Postby Odd Creator » 02 May 2014, 23:21

Honour to the fallen Emperor!
yes, even from the filthy Skaven master who sent amphibious rat marines to nibble the Altdorf city doors at bad moment (and helped chaotics to enter hehe) :twisted:
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