Warhammer: Fall 2525

Five player variant map based on the Warhammer world of Games Workshop. Created by ErikVerhoeve and GMd by Stanislaw. Winner: Chaos (bluecuillin)

Warhammer: Fall 2525

Postby Stanislaw » 26 Apr 2014, 16:17

Today is a very dark day for the Empire. With the Bretonnians and Telians attacking them from the west and the fall of Marienburg to the Bretonnians, the forces of Chaos are able to pour into the Empire in unprecedented numbers and take massive swathes of territory. The fate of those imperial citizens now under the sway of Chaos looks grim, and the emperor prepares to make a final stand in Altdorf.

And to the south, the Greenskins are finished off as the forces of Chaos rout them out of the dragonback mountains. This means the Greenskins are out, thanks for playing McGiles.


No retreats, but three auto destroys.

Build totals are:
Forces of Chaos-3

Builds are due Sunday, April 27th, 23:00GMT

Quinelles-Marienburg [resolved]
Massif Orcal S Quinelles-Marienburg [resolved]
Couronne-Borledeaux [bounced]
Bilbali-Borledeaux [bounced]

A Irrana Mountains -> Magritta [resolved]
A Forest of Loren -> Altdorf [bounced]
A Remas Hold [resolved]
A Styratia Hold [resolved]
A Khemri -> Dragonback Mountain [bounced]
F Sea of Chaos -> Sea of Claws [resolved]
F Southern Sea -> Sea of Chaos [resolved]

The Empire
A Mar H [dislodged, destroyed, 2v1]
A Alt S A Mar H [support broken]
A Mid H [dislodged, destroyed, 2v1]
A Nul S A Mid H [supported broken, dislodged, destroyed, 2v1]

The Forces of Chaos
A Morg - Dragon [resolved]
a numas support a Morg - Dragon [resolved]
a Vor - Karak [resolved]
a Syl - Nul [resolved]
a Wis support a Syl - Nul [resolved]
a Ost - Mid [resolved]
a Kis - Ost [resolved]
a Ere - support a Ost - Mid [resolved]
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Re: Warhammer: Fall 2525

Postby McGiles » 26 Apr 2014, 19:07

You have not seen the last of us... we will save a seat for you in the darkness... :twisted:
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Re: Warhammer: Fall 2525

Postby Odd Creator » 26 Apr 2014, 23:00

Good play, Greenskin opponent! :)
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