Warhammer: Spring 2523

Five player variant map based on the Warhammer world of Games Workshop. Created by ErikVerhoeve and GMd by Stanislaw. Winner: Chaos (bluecuillin)

Warhammer: Spring 2523

Postby Stanislaw » 27 Mar 2014, 03:05

The new year begins with battle lines being drawn in the north and the south of the Old World. In the south, the Telians decide the Greenskins are the bigger threat than the forces of chaos, and Telia assists the chaos attempt to take Barak Varr, which is stopped thanks to Warboss McGiles' attack on Karak Eight Peaks. To the west the Greenskins give up their attempt to stop the Telian navy from taking the southern seas, but repulse their attempt to take the southern seas. In the north the war between the Empire and Bretonnia rages on, though the Empire gains the upper hand for now and destroys a Bretonnian army in Massif Orcal. And further north the forces of Chaos quietly reoccupy Kislev while war rages to the south and west.


Fleet Khemri MOVE to Black Gulf [bounced, 1v1]
Army Numas MOVE to Karak Eight-Peaks [bounced, 1v1]
Army Morgheim SUPPORT army Barak-Varr to hold [resolved]
Army Barak-Varr HOLD [resolved]

A Magritta -> Irrana Mountains [resolved]
F Tobaro -> Southern Sea [resolved]
A Remas -> Tobaro [resolved]
F Luccini -> Black Gulf [bounced, 1v1]
A Styratia Supports A Khypiris -> Barak-Varr [supported unit has failed]

F Bilbali-Bordeleaux [resolved]
A Quenelles-Marienburg [bounced, 1v1]
A Massif Orcal S Quenelles-Marienburg [dislodged, destroyed, 2v1]
A Couronne-Forest of Loren [bounced, 1v1]

The Empire
A Mar - Que [bounced, 1v1]
A Alt S A For - Mas [resolved]
A Nul - For [bounced, 1v1]
A For - Mas [resolved]
A Ere H [resolved]

Forces of Chaos
A Zharr-Naggrund -> Kislev [resolved]
A Gorgoth Supports Karak Eight Peaks Hold [resolved]
A Vorag Supports Karak Eight Peaks Hold [resolved]
A Karak Eight Peaks Supports A Khypiris -> Barak-Varr [attacked, support broken]
A Khypiris -> Barak-Varr [bounced, 2v2]
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