Warhammer: Fall 2522

Five player variant map based on the Warhammer world of Games Workshop. Created by ErikVerhoeve and GMd by Stanislaw. Winner: Chaos (bluecuillin)

Warhammer: Fall 2522

Postby Stanislaw » 21 Mar 2014, 17:13

The end of the year begins with the forces of chaos striking back at the greenskins. Enraged by their earlier attempt to take Karak Eight Peaks they drive the greenskins out of the mountains. Elsewhere the Imperial army attempts to take Quenneles, but they are driven back by the knights. although the Imperials do take the forests of Loren unopposed this time. To the south the greenskins once again clash with the Telians on the high seas, and the Border Princes are split between Telia and the forces of chaos.

One retreat needed from the Greenskins. The deadline for the retreat phase is Saturday, March 22nd, 16:00GMT

Pending the retreat build totals are:
The Forces of Chaos-2
The Greenskins-1
The Empire-2


Forces of Chaos
a vorag - karak eight peaks [resolved]
a khypiris support a vorag - karak eight peaks [resolved]
a Kislev - Gorgoth [resolved]

The Greenskins
Fleet Khemri MOVE to Southern Sea
Army Morgheim MOVE to Barak-Varr [resolved]
Army Karak Eight-Peaks SUPPORT Army Morgheim to move to Barak-Varr [dislodged, 2v1, retreat needed]

A Magritta Holds [resolved]
A Lagoon of tears -> Styratia [resolved]
F Luccini -> Southern Sea [bounced, 1v1]

Army Quenelles hold [resolved]
Fleet Gilbali hold [resolved]
Army Couronne-Massif Orcal [resolved]

The Empire
A Mar – Que [bounced, 1v1]
A Ere H (and waves at chaos army in Kis) [resolved but no one to wave at!]
A Nul – For [resolved]
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