Far East Asia Fall 1999

GMd by asudevil. Winner: Japan (McGiles)

Far East Asia Fall 1999

Postby asudevil » 29 May 2014, 14:53

So Marlenus DID see the message I sent him on the 26th, but has not answered the message I sent on the 27th. But it has been 24 hours...we I progress. It doesn't 'matter anyway, as the game is over...which is why I didn't really want to NMR him

CONGRATS TO JAPAN winning with 16 SC and somehow able to continue to convince Australia to work with him into 1999

AAR to be found HERE

1999F.gif (29.81 KiB) Viewed 843 times

Fleet Sakhalin MOVE to Sapporo----Resolved
Fleet Sapporo MOVE to Tokyo----Resolved
Fleet Nagasaki MOVE to Sea of Japan----Resolved
Army Canton MOVE to Kwangsi----Resolved
Fleet Formosa Strait MOVE to South China Sea----Resolved
Fleet Manila SUPPORT fleet Formosa Strait to South China Sea----Resolved
Fleet Gulf of Tonkin MOVE to Hue----Resolved (3v2)
Fleet Hanoi SUPPORT fleet Gulf of Tonkin to Hue----Resolved
Fleet Sai SUPPORT fleet Gulf of Tonkin to Hue----Resolved
Fleet And Sea MOVE to Burma----Bounced (1v1)
Army Yun MOVE to Laos----Bounced (1v1)
Fleet Mol Sea MOVE to Cel----Resolved

Malaysia SUPPORT Sumatra to hold----Resolved
Sumatra HOLD-----Resolved
Sea of Okhotsk MOVE NPO----Resolved
South China Sea SUPPORT Borneo to hold----DISLODGED (1v2)
Borneo HOLD----Resolved
Cambodia SUPPORT Hue to hold----Resolved
New Guinea MOVE SPO----Resolved

Indian ocean move andeman sea----Bounced (1v1)

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Re: Far East Asia Fall 1999

Postby MarlenusofAR » 02 Jun 2014, 03:21

I have been sick and unable to reply. It was a pleasure to play with all of you. Good job on the win...:)
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